Monday, May 17, 2010

In and flushed out

My trip to Ipoh was a terrific vacation thanks to the highly pleasing, heavenly and enticing FOODS!!!

To start of with, I didn't have any expectation on Ipoh's food at all, being a Klang-ite you must
understand that we have always been blessed so richly with bountiful supplies
of delicious foods to suit each and every cravings of ours and the best part is, that is, no
matter how late it gets, there is always food out there for the hungry ones.

My Aunt Yam Suan suggested this trip to us so we thought why not since there's a free ride hehehe....Roll

I didn't plan to upload many pictures as there were too many toothsome meals, so if you guys wanna have a saliva-mouth dripping moment, please head yourself to facebook!

We were very fortunate to have cousins in Ipoh to bring us around for this Jalan-jalan cari makan adventure.
TIP : You must have at least a local to tell you where to get the best food in town you know... Thinking

Anyway, I have a thought to share.
recently, this thought has been buzzing my head and that is, I think that it's a hassle to go Very Constipatedyou know, evacuating the feces from your tank?
I come to think about this idea when i hear people talking about their stinky side on how awful their day will be if they don't go everyday in the morning.
( extreme meh??)

In my opinion, it's a really troublesome part of our life, don't you think so?
Of course I might be bias as I don't have to punch my card or have a date with the crown in glory everyday to say this because I don't go frequent as it should so called "be".

I have this thought in Uni where I think shitting (excuse me) is an entirely waste of time.
You can ask my housemates, when i go to the loo, I'll bring my notes/books along to read Toilet Reading
Pang Sai pun Boh Eng ahh!!!!
(means - shit oso not free ahh)

I can't imagine staring blankly at the walls and doors waiting for inspiration to get it out, eeeeeew!!!! I still can recall one aunt who advices me to focus on the shit so that it'll come out... eeeewwww!! i rather, quickly grasp any reading materials inside to read.

There! a de-tour from IPOH's foods in my mouth, and then flushed out to the drain!

xoxo Miss V