Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God is good to me,
God is good to me,
He holds my hand and make me stand,
God is good to me.

I'm so lucky to be staying in one of the church aunt's home where I get to enjoy the continuous blessings of water supply! I may sound very holy right now, well how can I not be as I'm staying 3 levels above the church and gets few minutes of religious talk from a christian owner here. lolz.

I quite like it here, just wished I have a car to travel from here to my campus.

Thank you Lord!

Miss V

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


D'Tavern Restaurant.
Who could have thought Port Klang has such an extraordinary restaurant which serves first class beef and other prevailing meals. Similar to windmill but this is even better!

The surroundings has impressed me with it's unique decorat
ion of an old English bar-like, but don't get me wrong, you can bring kids in for dining too.

You'll get one bun if you order a meal and it comes with salted butter.

The BlueBerry Cheesecake.
Price : RM7

Roast Lamb Shank
RM 33
Taste as good as it looks! I give 9/10 for this!

Roast Chicken
Not bad....

Baked Stuffed Kurau
Quite good actually.

Oh subject to 5% of government tax.

-Miss V's loaded with delicious food for the night-

Friday, November 12, 2010

Man beating his wife

I could have bought a brand new guitar if it weren't because of my "formal clothes". Blazer's so expensive!! ISH! So angry!

Today I witnessed something horrifying that I swear I will never think of marriage after age 30!!
A man strike his wife repeatedly with his hands and legs at the gas station! AT THE GAS STATION!! IN PUBLIC!! I dare not imagine how is home like for the poor wife.
Clearly through the look on her face, it's not her first time!

Man please, I feel like chopping your hands and legs off! This is outrageous and clearly immoral and uncivilized! what a disgrace!
Keep your hands away from your wife, this is such a coward move, just because you're physically stronger, that doesn't mean you can dominate her by using your fists and legs!
Damn this idiots!

Miss V's pissed!
no xoxo for now.