Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Handmade Card

Drum Roll please.............

Introducing, my 1st ever handmade card!

It took me about 4 days to deliberately generate this card with my own imagination which does not come instinctively through me, hence the 4 days. 
Seriously, I'm not exaggerating and it is honestly not an easy task to do in achieving a satisfactory product of my own. Nevertheless, I definitely had fun and pleasure in designing it. 

I started with having a vintage theme in mind with buttons somewhere, an old window in the middle, newspaper lines as background, a sneak of marilyn monroe, ribbon lace at the side and that geeky spectacles, but due to insufficient and undetected materials it then resulted into a semi Vintage with Valentine card? 
^_^ I don't know anymore but I'm proud of myself!  (pat on the shoulder)

Oh yes of course, this card is inspired by Lai-Yoke!
Thank you for the generous amount of stamping materials you gave me! 

Miss V
-handmade with love-

Friday, January 13, 2012


What a wonderful surprise from my Aunt Lai-Yoke ! 

I've been yearning to create my very own cards but I just don't have the right materials and means to do it.
She left a box for me during a visit and when i opened it, I was so shocked to see so many amazing and cool stuffs for card-makings. Lucky me, it's like she read my mind!
Everything is so pretty and I can't wait to start on my new card project! 

Below are her handmade creative cards on which she generously gave to my brother. (envy me)
You can view the rest of it on her flickr.

Dutch Cookies from her! Yummy!

Thank You A.Lai-Yoke!
Dank u wel!

Miss V

Monday, January 9, 2012


This moved me <3

Aww so cute! <3

Miss V
-compassionate towards animals-