Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cried ur heart out, GUYS??

Perhaps I'm naive by ever having this thought in my mind ...
Do guys ever cry their hearts out when they are having a broken heart?

I have seen my girlfriends who pretended like everything was okay when their relationship got to an end but few days later i caught them crying elsewhere. It penetrates an intense anguish deep in the heart of the beholder by just looking at the sight of her who is hurting and broken inside.

How about you guys? I've never seen my boyfriends having that same emotions, or rather crying on their other boyfriends' shoulder? Ah yes.. swollen eyes the next morning? (i guess not) If you guys aren't expressive of your emotions then how do you deal with it? Strike the wall with glass?? Hit the nail with a hammer? Or run a thousand miles to avoid talking about it?

I've hung out with a group of guys before and as far as I'm aware of it, the conversation between them was all about sports mainly football. (glory glory Man United!) I've never hear any one spoken a word about girls, emotions or anything related to relationships. I bet us girls when we sit together we would chat about relationships. (of course not the entire conversation) Good and bad we share them all. Well of course we do disclose on other topics but it's not all about sports right? *I sense a whirl wind of division coming in* The next "Girlism"

Maybe that's why John Gray came out with Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus book.

mmmmm i wonder.

drunk me?? ( someone called me that today)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Singing so chaaa(bad) meh?

Thanks to my teh'o ais limau (ice lemon tea) and ching teh peng (chinese tea ice) I was conscious the whole early morning yesterday. So because I was so alert at this wee hours, i decided to play the guitar and practice some chords online. After awhile with my (no introduction needed) talented music skills of course, i got drag to sing along with the wonderful tune of my guitar....(praise myself-pat at the back) I sang and played, love story by Taylor Swift, i will remember you by Sarah Mclachlan, and songs from Bethany Joy Lenz.

At approximately 20 minutes pass, i suddenly hear extra drum sound-like outside of my window... I turn my head and looked at the curtain with words on my head saying "i really don't like the sound of it!"arrrghh... then it starts to sound more like..... argggh it's confirm thunder!! Yikes!
I was tryin not to think it's due to my singing and i continued because i thought it'll just stop after awhile. (comforting myself)So i strumed my guitar and start singing and it goes like this, " we were both young when i first saw you" *DUM DUM DUM* (thunder sound) it got worse right after i started one line! (oh come on!)
Rain started pouring and it was so HEAVY like raining cats and dogs at a about 5am... that's when i decided to stop singing... *crycry*... I'm finished for the night. Time for bed.

my singin that bad meh until the cloud, sky, stars and moon oso cannot tahan me.. :-( ... Afterall I was invited to sing on one of my relatives wedding day wor... there got evidence somemore...

... oh wait a minute... that two stooges sounded bad on that day. crap! i hope i'm fine.. well i did get some compliments like i sounded sweet? haha.

I could imagine Simon Cowell commenting my singing and he goes like this " this is excrutiatingly utterly atrouciously horrible! it's like a cat was running through your throat. The worst i've ever heard in the whole season!" (ok maybe over exaggerating it but...??)
no no no no... i refuse to admit i suck in singing... no no no.. please tell me i sound like a bird. :-)
eh i look fat here... haha.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It was a family trip i was looking forward to since last year and finally it had been accomplish last week! Thanks to the intensely hot weather there, it managed to place a memorable tan on my skin. I wouldn't call it nice since i have people calling me roasted pig! arggh.

This is Borobudur temple, it is said that if one touches the toe of the Buddha statue with their eyes close, their wish would eventually come true or they would be very successful in life. We hired a guide to show us the right statue so that we could touch the right Buddha's toe. Let's see who strike jackpot first muahahaha.... Well, it depends on whether you wanna believe it's true or not. I just wanted to try touching it. No harm rite?

Next, we headed to one of the most popular and busy street in yogyakarta, it's called the Malioboro street. Similar to our Indian street in Jalan Tengku Kelana but the length of this street is about 2km long. I managed to learn the art of bargain over here and just one advice for you if you're going there, don't buy things from the ladies, because they can be very boorish to you. Man on the other side treats us better by offering good prices and if we don't want it, they won't be mad at us.

After spending almost a day here, we decided to go back to the hotel by horse carriage! yippie! my cousin mei yin's favorite! She didn't wanna sit becak (trishaw). Yes! high 5! I have fad over horses since i got there. Allow me to show you the evidence. Tada!!

Don't you dare say i'm fat! :-P...
Oh speaking about that, the meal over there was execrable! By the sound of the name you could tell. Bebek, Lele, Gudeg and so on.. i didn't realise i ate pigeon meat until i got back home. yer................................ Pigeons are everywhere here in Malaysia don't remind me... sorry for eating your cousins, i'm innocent.. i didn't know... don't haunt me! please...........!!

Only one food appeal to me the most! jeng jeng jeng....


Friday, March 13, 2009


How many of you people who really love your own dogs or any dogs for that matter? If you're a dog lover, you would understand how i feel after watching Marley & Me. Just a few minutes ago i was crying over Marley's death, it scares a whole lot of me thinking that i might have to go through what John(Marley's master) and his family went. I cried not in a small amount of tears but really uncontrollable tears pouring out with mucus running down my nose towards the ending of the show... (i know it's disgusting) put aside that yucky thoughts from your head but really... the thought of Bootsie(my dog) dying one day stirred my emotions up and i don't wanna lose that small-cute-adorable-precious little baby creature who greets and wags his tail in excitement every time i call him. I love Bootsie a lot...and even leaving him for four days at home kills me!

The movie got me thinking that someday people will leave, and in my case, i will leave home soon to further my studies. Hits me right in my heart thinking about the people, home and specifically to my baby Bootsie that i had to leave and that i'll be missing and loosing many things and people whom i truly and dearly love while I'm gone.

For those who are not dog lovers might not get me, but i bet for those people like me, knows that it will hurt us one day to actually tell the doctor to put your dog in a eternal sleep of its lifetime. Some of you might have already experience it.

Sigh.... part and parcel of life..... i hate this part. RIGHT here.