Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of the Kitchen

I humbly present to you, Miss V's Kitchen :)

Some sort of Minced Chicken with Tomato???
very unusual....

Some way of preparing Salmon???

Some kind of Strawberry Dessert ?

Miss V
-do not wish to rate herself-

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I’m now at a crossroad of life where my thoughts and feelings, collectively,
 they bind so tightly that it induces a conscious person out from within, in the many subjects I didn't comprehend or refuses to maybe bother before but now am at the verge of studying it on a different perspective.

(Perhaps it’s the  7 torturous papers I sat last week with the countless complaints I made in choosing this field and the education system in Malaysia :/)

I get many people pushing me into finding a guy lately, 
as if it appears to be easy like picking a preference from a food menu or something,
and in addition to that they want me to be a match-maker when they outwardly made a request to find them a pair at the same time. Killing two birds in one stone they say?? 

I had to laugh about their pleasantly humorous gestures and submissions on how to entice a guy from afar,
like for instance, giving them the eye signals, dressing up looking amorously and flirtatiously sexy and the rest are in confidence because it doesn't matter. 

As I ponder upon how ingeniously witty they sound, 
it secretly immersed me into a deep thought about the potential ‘him’ and 
no matter how much my mental activity intertwines, it always falls down to one man in my life and that man is Papa. 
Seems exceptionally odd as I’ve never consider about it before but now that I have, 
it began to bring a whole new sense of feeling to appreciate Papa even more.

I know the possibility of my desire is surreal and it’s no longer a habitual custom, 
but I would really appreciate it if 'he' could drop by and say hi to Papa when 'he's' bringing me out
or even ask Papa’s permission to bring his precious daughter out
because I'm sure if 'he' respects and treats Papa good, 'he’ll' also be good to me.

Papa has always been a hard and diligent worker who concentrates in taking care for his family
 by putting us at the top of his priorities,
 and because of that he has to suffer an ordeal at work 
just to make sure Mama, brother and I had the best in life. 
I need 'him' to understand that Papa has been an important person and influence in my life. 

-Miss V-
wants Papa to be happy like that forever

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ever since I was young, Papa and Mama had never failed to provide the fundamental regular needs for our breakfast, which is the bread. 
I remember being neurotic one day when there weren't any one of those on the table for us to eat, 
and I also remember Mama's theory on why brother is tall; it's because he eats the bread every day. 
Try to explain me. lol

Back then when I was younger, the ubiquitous Indian bread man would ride his motorcycle and shrill the air horn 'pon!....pon!....pon!'. 
It was music to any child's ear and with immediate reaction I would alert Mama and quickly haste out from the door and shout "Uncle, Uncle, Sini (here), Sini (here)". :)
He would then turn towards my direction and park where I stood. Mama would usually give me the freedom to choose the kind of bread I want for breakfast or tea-time for the following day. 

Now that I'm living alone, buying bread on my own seems costly.
I've recently discovered a brand new bread that I love but I can't buy it in short intervals any more as it'll burn a hole in my pocket. Ouch. 

-Miss V-
misses eating bread with butter