Saturday, December 18, 2010

save the planet.

When I was still an adolescent, laundry didn’t occur in my mind at all because my mom will do all the laundry for me. In fact my school uniforms are always ironed and all I have to do is just pick the nicely ironed uniform and put it on. Upon returning, I will chuck it in the washing machine and it’s the same cycle for the following days.

Ok yes, because I don’t know how tiring it is to do laundry, I did the same to all the other clothes I wear, the same principle applies.

I always wonder why my parents would scold me of dumping my clothes in the washing machine after one wear, I mean… isn’t it suppose to be more hygienic? Shouldn’t I get praise for being a clean girl? Putting the dirty ones to clean and wear the new fresh clothes, no? Anyway, I ignored their nagging as usual.

It took me 20 years to catch that all I’ve been doing was causing mom a lot of work! Living independently from home made me realise that, hey, you can wear the same shirt over again just as long as you have a proper ventilator for the clothes you hang. Provided you don’t sweat of course!

Lucky me, I don’t sweat much as my lectures are all air-conditioned, so it saved me a lot of time from doing the laundry due to wearing the same shirt in the alternate days, and of course I will stick to the rule of not wearing the same shirt more than twice. Well, in cases when I have amnesia, it will be three times. The rule is inapplicable when I find the shirt stinks.

In a way it's call saving the planet!! Don't ask me how but I'm sure you can connect it to the Earth Hour campaign.

I’m at home now, mom’s happy and I’m happier as she doesn’t nag anymore!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr President, Your Excellencies,
My name is Vivien Quay(pronounce it as Kee muahahahaha)
It is an honour to appear before this Tribunal together with my co-agent, Miss Aini Salleh,
Pleading on behalf of the defence!

I can't seem to get this out of my head!

That's my line for my recent International Humanitarian Law Mooting Competition in a Special International Tribunal Court.

I felt like human again after 12th December as I don't have to think of proving
Colonel Ramsey Potter innocent of all the charges post against him.
Mind you, his charges are real heavy and it concerns civilians population and objects!
My co-agent and I are suppose to justify his massive killings in court.
How to justify?
That's why we've been having sleepless of nights since our finals.
Usually students will go wild and celebrate freedom after finals but that's not the case when it comes to us.
Unfortunately, we have to stay back to work on our case!

Facing monsoon season is another challenge as well. Water level reached as high as my knee length, and it's really a nauseous sight having to walk through contaminated water probably there's feces in it, everyday to attend our intensive training till midnight!
Sometimes I wish that person will help me instead of dumping me after signing up as my assistance. Sometimes I wonder how can people be so inconsiderate. Nvm, forget the unhappy moments.

These are the hottest mooters alive and yes that includes moi!

Moi co-agent and I!
Good job co-agent, you've made me proud!

A potential flight attendant on board.

Walking towards the Faculty of Law in UM,
it's so beautiful and such a pity I don't have a picture of it.

That's me on action, presenting my case to the Judges.
Judges are so handsome!!!

That's my co-agent on action.

My leg hurts after one session, that explains why i took off my shoe.

It's such a good experience and exposure meeting real life Judges and Lawyers who worked for Human rights.
I've never knew International Humanitarian Law can be so interesting and I feel like pursuing Masters on that subject, but.......zzzz that means delaying in earning my own money in the real world..... zzzz.....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love romantic movies and I cannot and will not grow tired of the clich├ęs story lines. I just love how predictable love can be at the end of the show and knowing it all ends well just made me feel alive again. Romance shows are like food to my soul; it nourishes my heart, and makes me feel human again. I’m feeling all lovey-dovey now after watching Letters to Juliet by Amanda Seyfried.

I can’t get to be free from this refrained soul of mine, locked up very tightly and caged in with all these heavy loads which I can’t seem to find a minute to breathe at all. Watching movies like this is just the therapy I need after chewing on what seems to feel like there’s no end to it, work.

I love the idea of having a life in a village, where I can live in a quiet vintage home, and among the land a vineyard with rows of grapes ready to be harvest, besides that a long stretch of big and bright beautiful sunflowers growing along the roadside, greeting every passersby, leaving them with a big smile on their faces, and not to be left out also an orchard where colourful fruits and healthy vegetables will grow.

What a beautiful place I want to live and die in. Someday Miss V. someday.

Special thanx to shahman for downloading so many wonderful movies for me. For you guys who wants to watch a good quality movie find him!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perodua Bezza

I just love everything about you except for the rear.....
fantastic job Perodua....
I don't care if they say you're a re-brand from Prius!
You look awesome 'cause you're amazing just the way you are!
Gosh the thought that i was just sexually harassed still agitates me. I'm not so bothered about the words he said to me but felt more compassion on his wife. Despite the fact that I've reminded him of his wife in his life, he doesn't seem to care and said husbands are not meant to be owned but share! WT....ttttttttuuuuttttt!!! Someone got to teach him something about his religion! Just because 4 wives are allowed you guys go flirting around behind your wife?!?? and claimed it's according to Sunnah Nabi for following Nabi Muhammad who also has many wives? Gosh why not you ride a camel like Nabi Muhammad, marry widows and older women like Nabi Muhammad, pray 5 times a day like Nabi Muhammad, sew clothes and repair shoes like him??? hmmmm what else does he do in life... hmmm.... let see...

This kind of people just smeared and tarnish the religion! Instead of it being viewed as a holy religion you guys made me think it's a sex religion now! Another thing you said that 70 virgins will be waiting for you in heaven ??!?! OMG ! what does your religion teach you? To fulfil your sexual lust and desires?

I bet you wont even reach to heaven to meet the virgins in the first place.

Poor Mrs.****** sigh.... I wonder why you got married to him ?? He's so ugly, fat and unfaithful to you.

Guys. I really don't trust you! So many of you are like that.

Criminal paper just ended. I'm bumped I did badly. I'm depressed i'm not gonna get an A. I feel sorry for myself for being kia su person. i always hate kia su people but now i am one of them.

Consti paper too... :-( . I want an A. I need an A. did so well in the 1st half semester already but now i'm not gonna get an A in the finals. crushed....!

so depressed.....

..........................................................heLP me.......................................................................................