Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things has been sad lately in class for things are not the same anymore compared to the previous time around.
Oh boy, what great impact results will do to us all.
Among the small community of people, 9 of us got expelled and
few more had to drop few subjects because they did not meet the required pointers.

When i turned behind and look around,
a girl who used to be jovial and always have a jolly good time with her cliques is now sitting alone with a sad looking eyes upon her face.
I could tell from the look on her, she's been to solitary with her puffy eyes
without her cliques joining her for two subjects.

However she's consider lucky.
Another girl, lost all her friends as they were all dismissed and
will not return for classes or join us on what so ever activities that will revolve around here.
One of them, much appreciated for her heart in
being responsible for our notes and all other related miscellaneous.

The tallest guy in class who has curly hairs and
funny character, never fails to cheer up the drooling hours in class
has left too.
Class will be boring and dull again.

This situation has dropped an emotional bomb in all of us.
Class is smaller now.

I don't like it here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crabbie Partie

Yesterday I thought of messing up the kitchen with one drastic dish I craved and long for.
Members of my family calls me the "Queen of Crab" because I love eating them.... Yummy!
So I decided to make my very own, Sweet and Sour Crab!

In the afternoon, I dragged mama along (so that I don't have to pay for the crabs *evil grin*)
with me for mud crab hunting.
It cost RM28/kilo for this babes!

It's dead don't worry! I've frozen it to hibernate and eventually they'll fall asleep and die!
It's more humane thing to do! Trust me! You don't wanna chop them when they're still running around!

Anyway, I have to admit I felt like fainting when I see those dead frozen crabs
in the plastic bags. Manage to overcome the dizziness and then bravely start my
crabbie operation!!!

After all the preparation, here's how it turned out to to look like!

Bon appetit!

Feedbacks from
Papa : (speechless) means good hehehe
Mama : Good
Aunt YS : wah can beat ur mom but how many tomatoes you add? a bit sour
Friends : Sedap!

They don't call me Queen of Crab for nothing!
Not bad on the first try.
Just drop your request if you want to know the recipe!
It's pretty simple and fun!

~Miss V a.k.a
Queen of Crab~