Friday, February 25, 2011

Pulau Kapas (cotton Island)

Are you curious?? Wanna know what that is?
Then stay tune until the end of this post!

Snorkeling in Pulau Kapas was amazing!
Feeling the soft and white sand along the beaches and looking at turquoise sea water was such an awesome experience!

We started our journey at 10.30am towards Pulau Kapas Jetty or rather Marang Jetty as it's commonly known among the locals. However, base on my observation, I think it's better to address the Jetty with the former name as I don't want to confuse you with the visible "Jeti Pulau Kapas" signboard, just in case you're planning to go.

The road journey took us about 40 minutes to arrive at the Pulau Kapas Jetty and then we quickly bought tickets after applying sun block on ourselves.
Boat transfer + Snorkeling = RM 50.
Actual price would be RM30 for boat tranfer and RM25 for snorkeling. If there's more than 10 of us then we'll get a better deal. Unfortunately there were only two of us. But it's okay we still manage to pull of RM5 discount!

Snorkeling gear and life jacket's provided and both were in good condition, still new and clean.
Looking into the beautiful creation of God while snorkeling was undescribably beautiful!
Colourful fishes swimming around you and in between the admirable corals were all so fascinating. At that point, I wish I could share my thoughts but I was obviously restrained by the snorkeling gears.
One of the guides even caught a clown fish or it's commercial name, Nemo, and put it on his goggles for us to see. It was awesome seeing Nemo so closely. I even spotted Dori the blue fish! hehe.... So many kinds of fishes, ones with zebra stripes, yellow, half yellow half white, chequered black and white, blue, colorful blue and red and green??, red, wah so many la! soooooo the cantik la that I wanna come again!! Too bad I don't have underwater camera!
Corals were mostly brown but there were a bit blue and purplish. It's still moonsoon said the guide and the colours would be more noticeable during the month of April, May and June....
aNyhooo i still enjoyed it!!
Fed fishes with bread it was soooooo fun to feed the fishes so closely! but they were kinda shy to eat from my hand.

There were three species of Sea Cucumber found, and we call it Gamat in Malay.

Sooooo gelilar!!! and it was moving!!!eeeeeewwww

Total trip cost RM74.50.


  1. Just admit, someone shat on your hands! :-P

  2. Awww... so jealous of you that you are snorkeling in the clear blue, warm water whereas it's rain and cold here!!! Shall we make a swap? Ekk!! The sea cucumber looks like poo!

  3. With pleasure!! I would love to swap with you! Haha..... you should come by during this season and I'll drive you guys here. ;-)