Thursday, June 17, 2010


I’m starting to feel like these holidays are slowly sucking my brains off my skull as I’m basically rotting slowly without books to keep my brain active and strong! (Lack of DHA milk powders since I remember drinking Fernleaf and want nothing else up till i was 8),

Hanging out to watch the FIFA World Cup Englandgames with my friends has strangely stirred a hot debate among us who’s only one foot in the adult’s world and as quirky as it sounds, the more bizarre scenario is why are we even debating over this subject that's so none of our business? By the way, it’s concerning whether or not to take your parents in with you into your new home with your newlywed spouse?

It was actually a serious thought to ponder about as it will affect relationships between the in-laws. I don’t know much but I’m way too young to be thinking about this.

We went all the way disputing over this issue as one brought up the sense of cruelness yielded upon those who leaves their parents behind to stay in with their beloved spouse. I can almost bet this is already an issue for newlywed couples and for long term married couples too.

There are those who want to bring their parents in but the question is what if your wife disagrees with her in-laws moving in? Then the filial son will be in dilemma in choosing between Mummy and Honey! DO they need to make choice between Mummy and Honey?

What do you think? Will you bring your parents along when you moved into a new home with your spouse or will you have supportive parents who do not mind staying lonely at home?

can't write much anymore.... brother's stealing the streamyx away.... argggh


Miss V


  1. I, for one, wouldn't mind to live with my future in-laws.
    If things turn nasty at the end or u learn the hard way that u simply can't get along with ur future in-laws, it's still not too late to move out and live without them, right? So why not give it a try first before feeling so strongly against the idea of living with them?
    To me, marriage is about making compromise(s). It's no longer about u and only u all the time. U have to consider about ur partner's feelings. What kind of guy is that if he is quick and willing to abandon his parents? It makes u wonder whether he is reliable enough to spend the rest of ur life with. Same goes to the girl who selfishly (regardless of the reasons) wants the partner to leave them behind.

  2. that's when i think you might miss one side and that is, what if it's not about being selfish at all. what if it's not an extra point score for the man bringing their in-laws/parents in to impress their spouse. What if bringing them in will hurt ur spouse feelings for failing to understand what she needs and wants from you.

  3. Disclaimer: When I used "u", I didn't refer to u in specific..

    U are right. I overlook that side. Anyway, I am too young to think or worry about that either. And the circumstances are always different so the same thing can't be applied to every case.

  4. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for the words i used as it may sound like I'm attacking you but it's because I thought you were someone i know real close not till i found out it wasn't my close friend.
    Appreciate your thoughts really! Well do i know you? mind telling me who you are? hehe....:-)

    but you're right. compromise is the key i believe. I'm sure they'll work things out together. :-)

  5. Hehehw no, u don't know me but I know A LOT about u *winks* Are u scared now? Kidding lol

    Yeah, a couple who truly wants to be with each other, will overcome not just this issue, but other obstacles as well!

  6. Okay................... let me guess.... eunice? oh come on.... tell me la... text me!