Sunday, April 17, 2011

J'ai besoin d'une robe pour le mariage de mon cousin!!! Ce qui est le plus mauvais est je ne sais pas quelle sorte de la robe m'user. :-(

You know, I’ve always been extremely passionate in becoming a skillful French speaker. Predominantly, inspired with movies and I will under no circumstances fall short to be fascinated and moved when someone speaks a Romance language. I’ll go like oh-my-gawd I love how it sounds and gosh J'aime le Fran├žais!!!!

I have this really longing wish to master the French's language and it must be achieved before I die and in exceptional case where my grandkids can’t afford a French tutor then a Spanish tutor will do. Be careful there, this is my will and you kids shall make it happen or else granny Wei Li will haunt you….. oooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu…….-chilly-

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Often wonder why some people have enough time in the world that they can hand in assignment in time, handle few companies at one go, being active in co-curricular and still excel in academic? How do these people find time to complete everything on time? What more if they're married and have responsibilities as spouse, child or parent? How do they manage to juggle all these tasks at one shot?

I think the idea is to have a picture or a target in life and in order to reach that picture you got to work everything around you.

Lets take a jigsaw puzzle for an example, if I were to give you 1001 pieces of jigsaw puzzle without showing you the end picture of the puzzle, would you have complete the puzzle? Of course you would but it'll take a longer time to complete it as compare to if you already have the picture right in front of you. I guess the same applies in life. If you have a picture in life then God-willing you will complete all the task you have without difficulty and probably on time. That is if you want to complete it.

The problem with me is, I have a picture in life but it's jz too impossible to achieve. Call me low self confidence and determination, for all I care, but hey at least I'm being realistic.

This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong,
Windows and rooms, that i'm passing through,
This is just a stop on a way where I'm going,
I'm not afraid because I know,
This is my temporary home.

I have big dreams, dreams that I want to achieve before I die,
How shall I list them and wish for my children to ever fulfill them for me?
Children? Wait a minute, they're not even in my plan.
I'm gonna aim big, gonna aim for a scholarship to pursue my Master maybe in Holland? haha dream on Miss V and I know that it'll take me a long time for me before I start working in the real field, by then my dad is old and sick :-(... but I love to work first too maybe as a diplomatic officer since it sounds like my kinda job.

I know what I want, but I can't get what I want. :-(
Kinda sad but it's okay at least I'm stumbling upon opportunities in life which I never imagine I would have if I'm not here. Thank God for some of the wonderful people I'm with, that He gave me an opportunity to make money with my guitar. :-) Who knew someone would hire a lousy guitarist like me. LOL.

God does work in many ways. Imagine if I were in other place, there wouldn't be opportunities like this. I'm not saying performing is one of my dream,in fact it's never my dream and I always think it's impossible, who knew, well it's a fun thing to do as a side income during my uni life. :-) I mean, how many students does performing as a side income? hehe.. this would be LEGENDARY!

Ok enough bragging already Miss V. time to sleep, big day tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm beginning to feel changes in my emotions, I no longer am the cheerful joyful girl I used to know back then. I feel disconsolate, distressed, sorrowful and miserable. What have I become? Used to be a girl now a woman? Perhaps it's caused by the biological changes in my body that I feel so depressed and sick. Since when do i feel so depressed, if i'm given a choice I would love to forget about all the responsibilities I have here and just run away to recruit myself as a spy agent. With that I can be an alias, change identities, wear awesome outfits, use cool weapons and shoot at people without having the status of a civilian, most importantly I can switch off my emotions.
The fact is, spy life is a much tougher life, they too have never ending missions until they die.

So what have I become?

MQA please have mercy on me tomorrow and don't screw me up in the interview, presentation and moot.
We need the accreditation.
Lord, please help us.

Friday, April 1, 2011


This blog is dedicated to my Parents and Family members.
I smell ka-ching!! $$$


Yesterday was an amazing day for me as I won the Best Student Award, Dean's List Award and Lucky Draw!!! How "ONG" (lucky) is that!
Okay, i'm just being humble here as there's no such thing as luck, I obviously earned it with my own hard sweat and blood and not forgetting to God be the glory for great things comes from Him and I couldn't have done it without His miraculous help!!!

Speaking of which my health is really going haywire and i need to do m
edical check-up. :-(

anyway here are the evidences of my winning.

1. Dean's List Award
2. Best Student (Faculty)

3. Trophy for Best Student (Faculty) Award

4. Book for Best Student (Faculty) Award

5. Hamper for Best Student (Faculty) Award.

6. Lucky Draw - that small paper bag beside the hamper is the prize, ha
haha what are the odds!

Ok this guy won the Best Ko-Kurikulum Award.

So Mei Yin / Suan Ko if you have time on Sunday, please show this to my parents!! thanx!!

Miss V
-Boasting time!!!- hehe