Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here I stand, in the middle of a huge castle,
Where the sovereignty of the Sultan reigns,
with the entrance so well secured by guards who puts on the James Bond's black shades alike on,

I get home schooling system here where I'm obtaining first stage of tertiary education at degree,
Sources, information, and references is only 10 minutes away, convenient, as it appears to be. hmmmm.....

Beautiful cafeteria, instilling garden concept, thoroughly furnished with natural sources around it,
so sedative it makes breakfast possible where it can turn a bitter coffee sweet and sweet noodles yummy.Picnic

On top of that, majestic gymnasium is so majestic where it makes us all majestic in size with it's damaged equipments. Ooops I beg your pardon, was a bit sarcastic on that.

Anyways, where was I....... Oh ya....
Forget about all those so called wonderful things,
This ain't a castle and I'm not a princess here.

It has been 4 days! FOUR DAYS without water supply!!!
Can you imagine a day without water?Grrr
This is against the federal constitution where I feel my right of getting water supplies is being infringed here. many of my rights of movements is being restricted, internally as in inside of my body too! , if you know what i mean.
Even Bootsie, my dog is having fun showering right now!Soaking

Miss V
water deprived

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I knew in an instance that that will be my package from the sound of the Mr.Postman's motorbike.
(hey this reminds me of the Mr.Postman song by Carpenters!)
Indeed I'm right!

Been waiting for these goodies for about a week already and thank God it arrived a day before i left.
Aren't they pretty??

Here's, a closer look!

this package also comes with a mini-bag, how generous!
Those of you who knows me well, would know how much I'll love this!

and it can do this, so it's easier to carry around.

All those are hand-made cards and bag from my Aunt Lai Yoke, all the way from Netherlands. XXX!! Too Happy 1
(and yes I hope Netherlands will win the world cup although my mind is telling me Spain will win it. )
Anyway, click here and here to view more of her creative works!

It's always exciting to receive gifts!
*hint hint*
So people send me gifts often because you'll totally make my day a happy one! Sunshine
KT address ya not Klang's.
Help me to go through these awful time in KT, no offence to KT's residents I just don't like living in where I am right now. I can smell cat's poop from here. (get what I'm going through?)
Speaking of cat! A cat shocked me today by sneaking into my room while I was away for a shower.
(now see what I am really going through?!)

Miss V, bACK to business and reality...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mixed-Up Psychological Disorder

I'm struggling with a psychological disorder but have not found which classification of psychological disorder I belong to yet.
Finding the list through Wikipedia is slowly driving me nuts! Bugging Out
Realizing the cuckoo-ness coming, I quickly stop before I get to add to another
"Unknown Psychological Disorder" (UPD).

Ok here's the thing with me.
I am confuse........., or more like people are confused. But maybe, I made people confuse.
Or I am a confusing person with a bunch of confused people.
Or they are confusing me leaving me confused but
in the end, I am confused with their confusion! Yeah more like that!
(please correct my grammar if you will, but DOn't get cOnfuse )

When I was living with a Cantonese roommate, I spoke Cantonese so often that I forgot Hokkien completely like totallyx2! I couldn't even order my food in Hokkien and had to order in Cantonese. (what a shame...)
In case you're still wondering the obvious, I'm a Hokkien Chinese BTW.

When I have foreign visitors staying for few weeks, I started speaking like Ang Mo with you-know the accent until my friends were teasing me, " wah why your accent oso change already arr!"

When I'm with my Indian friends, I speak and sound like an Indian so much,
till this guy asked me this,
" Are you a Chindian? " i said, "no. y?". he said, " because you speak like an indian! "
Another account was, " Wei Li !!! I couldn't recognize you at all I almost thought i dialed the wrong number because you sounded soooooo much like an indian on the phone!"

When I order food in Malay stalls, or meet new people and used BM, people would give me second look and ask, " awak cina ke melayu?"
Like so many times already until I could predict the next person's reaction when I speak in BM.

FaintOh Jeez

I'm weird, I'm a chinese but i fail to present myself as a chinese!
I can't speak well, I can't read or write in chinese!!!!
I even doubt if I even look like one.

OMG do i??
OMG no!! i just recalled another incident.
" Awak dari Sabah ke? "
(i shake my head dissenting to it)
" Sarawak? "
(shake my head again.....zzzz)

P.E.N.G.S.A.N. I.



Miss V, faint...zzz