Friday, February 25, 2011

Pulau Kapas (cotton Island)

Are you curious?? Wanna know what that is?
Then stay tune until the end of this post!

Snorkeling in Pulau Kapas was amazing!
Feeling the soft and white sand along the beaches and looking at turquoise sea water was such an awesome experience!

We started our journey at 10.30am towards Pulau Kapas Jetty or rather Marang Jetty as it's commonly known among the locals. However, base on my observation, I think it's better to address the Jetty with the former name as I don't want to confuse you with the visible "Jeti Pulau Kapas" signboard, just in case you're planning to go.

The road journey took us about 40 minutes to arrive at the Pulau Kapas Jetty and then we quickly bought tickets after applying sun block on ourselves.
Boat transfer + Snorkeling = RM 50.
Actual price would be RM30 for boat tranfer and RM25 for snorkeling. If there's more than 10 of us then we'll get a better deal. Unfortunately there were only two of us. But it's okay we still manage to pull of RM5 discount!

Snorkeling gear and life jacket's provided and both were in good condition, still new and clean.
Looking into the beautiful creation of God while snorkeling was undescribably beautiful!
Colourful fishes swimming around you and in between the admirable corals were all so fascinating. At that point, I wish I could share my thoughts but I was obviously restrained by the snorkeling gears.
One of the guides even caught a clown fish or it's commercial name, Nemo, and put it on his goggles for us to see. It was awesome seeing Nemo so closely. I even spotted Dori the blue fish! hehe.... So many kinds of fishes, ones with zebra stripes, yellow, half yellow half white, chequered black and white, blue, colorful blue and red and green??, red, wah so many la! soooooo the cantik la that I wanna come again!! Too bad I don't have underwater camera!
Corals were mostly brown but there were a bit blue and purplish. It's still moonsoon said the guide and the colours would be more noticeable during the month of April, May and June....
aNyhooo i still enjoyed it!!
Fed fishes with bread it was soooooo fun to feed the fishes so closely! but they were kinda shy to eat from my hand.

There were three species of Sea Cucumber found, and we call it Gamat in Malay.

Sooooo gelilar!!! and it was moving!!!eeeeeewwww

Total trip cost RM74.50.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I can't wait to be an activist for whatsoever rights and i may just start with women's rights after hearing what a male friend of mine said about having girls as spare tires! Saya mahu cekik-cekik dia!

Also animal's rights!! I have such deep love and compassion for animals especially the cute little four-legged ones and I'll get emotional whenever I see humans abusing them.

can't wait to organize something huge!! Which YB is kind enough to support our project... i wonder....?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It was crushed 3 times today........ :-(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Who needs a guy when you can have girls!! 4 to be exact!

I had the most delightful Valentine's Day ever with Su Yin, Sham, Pris and Janet! Awesome night to celebrate love together by expressing our love towards one another, ok I'm obviously kidding as there's no way I could have fantasies of love with these ladies!
No way! I'm straight alright.

Anyway, we decided to give Bora-Bora a shot as everyone's been talking about it. This place is perfect for leisure as it gives me a sense of serene and tranquility with dimmed lights, suitable for not so fancy romantic dinner! I somehow like quiet restaurants.

Later, we went to Secret Recipe as it's only formal to celebrate an occasion of love with cakes. I wonder where that came from.

and then finally home for our slumber party!!
We had "wine" which is a sparkling juice, painted, well only my nails, (red,green,blue,orange and brown) took photos with captions on ourselves hoping for prince charming to come and sweep us off our feet....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,
Hope you had a nice one....

-Miss V-

Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY 2011

Yes Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ang Pow Na Lai, cliche, i know, but it's perpetual until now because of it's fun and catchy statement, so no harm saying Ang Pow Na Lai!! yahoooooo!

Anyway, back to my New Year's celebration.
It's quite commendable that I've not miss a single reunion dinner, maybe because food and ang pow's too irresistible decline.

Here's a picture of Yee Sang. I don't really know the significance of this but it's always served during Chinese New Year, normally as an appetizer, where we'll all toss it upwards together with our chopsticks. The only idea i have is it's probably a symbol for prosperity or good luck.

Here the tossing begins where everyone will start tossing together,
wish for, "High Salary", "hope my lecturer will give me extra bonus!", "Good results for exams!!", "Ringgit Malaysia currency increase!" "Euro currency drop!" "Fairer and prettier", "brand new guitar and piano", "iPod, iPad, iphone!"

Then, as usual, we'll take a few family shots.


My juvenile brother, keep up with your age please. lolz jz kidding, you can play firecrackers as much as you want. -slap on forehead-
I think it's just the nature of boys/guys/men. There must be something intriguing about exploding wrapped substances that comes in variety of shapes and sizes, which of course discharged sounds too and it goes something like this.... 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee POP! ' or 'piuuuuu piuuuuu piuuuuu' or 'tap tap tap tap tap'...

Yes and your money minded sis, is gambling away! Lol jz kiddng, I didn't gamble this year, just played cards with cousins. Funny, I didn't know there's so many types of poker and it took an eleven year old boy to teach me how to play Poker. Texas Poker!
Afterwhich, Chinese Poker was introduced and Indian Poker too.
Dad, grandma, mom, brother and me!

Have a fun day!

-Miss V-

2 days ago Pris asked me this question which still bugs me up until today. "Do you have something you really like to do?" Like sham loves drawing and she will keep drawing, pris like singing and guitar, so what about me? She goes on saying, "nvmlah you're just the geeky smart girl"

like omg!! -jaw dropped, eyes opened wide- disbelief! nOooooooo!

So, what do i love doing? hmmm...... even my aunt has something she likes which is making cards!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I wrote to the editor of the theStar Newspaper, (or at least i thought i did, im not sure whether it went through, anyone knows how to write to theStar?) hoping they would respond.

Chinese New Year's celebration definitely went well as always but this year it's even better considering we held a reunion dinner from my mother's side at my place. Fun to gather everyone in a small living space of ours. :-) Of course big ang pows are always inviting! I'll do it again next year as ang pows comes in and I dont have to do visitation to collect them! hehehe( *evil grin*)

No water again this morning and there were protesters walking around with pails. lolz... Good one. ( like that will solve the problem )