Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Handmade Card

Drum Roll please.............

Introducing, my 1st ever handmade card!

It took me about 4 days to deliberately generate this card with my own imagination which does not come instinctively through me, hence the 4 days. 
Seriously, I'm not exaggerating and it is honestly not an easy task to do in achieving a satisfactory product of my own. Nevertheless, I definitely had fun and pleasure in designing it. 

I started with having a vintage theme in mind with buttons somewhere, an old window in the middle, newspaper lines as background, a sneak of marilyn monroe, ribbon lace at the side and that geeky spectacles, but due to insufficient and undetected materials it then resulted into a semi Vintage with Valentine card? 
^_^ I don't know anymore but I'm proud of myself!  (pat on the shoulder)

Oh yes of course, this card is inspired by Lai-Yoke!
Thank you for the generous amount of stamping materials you gave me! 

Miss V
-handmade with love-


  1. CONGRATS on your first handmade card of the year!!! Cool card with so many different styles and the glasses is so cool! The heart shapes matches so well with the background paper!

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  3. walchowDesign : Thank You! ^^... I cut out the glasses and heart from Reader's Digest magazine. ;-)

    SHZ : Thanx for having faith in my card! :)

  4. that's so niceeee!!! ^^ don't give up kays! keep it up!

  5. Clap clap. Standing ovation.

    I must say that I am truly amazed by how beautiful you composed your words and put it into series of posts in your creative blog.

    Keep on writing. You inspire me. :)

  6. awww...thanx waafini <3. that means a lot to me.