Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things has been sad lately in class for things are not the same anymore compared to the previous time around.
Oh boy, what great impact results will do to us all.
Among the small community of people, 9 of us got expelled and
few more had to drop few subjects because they did not meet the required pointers.

When i turned behind and look around,
a girl who used to be jovial and always have a jolly good time with her cliques is now sitting alone with a sad looking eyes upon her face.
I could tell from the look on her, she's been to solitary with her puffy eyes
without her cliques joining her for two subjects.

However she's consider lucky.
Another girl, lost all her friends as they were all dismissed and
will not return for classes or join us on what so ever activities that will revolve around here.
One of them, much appreciated for her heart in
being responsible for our notes and all other related miscellaneous.

The tallest guy in class who has curly hairs and
funny character, never fails to cheer up the drooling hours in class
has left too.
Class will be boring and dull again.

This situation has dropped an emotional bomb in all of us.
Class is smaller now.

I don't like it here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crabbie Partie

Yesterday I thought of messing up the kitchen with one drastic dish I craved and long for.
Members of my family calls me the "Queen of Crab" because I love eating them.... Yummy!
So I decided to make my very own, Sweet and Sour Crab!

In the afternoon, I dragged mama along (so that I don't have to pay for the crabs *evil grin*)
with me for mud crab hunting.
It cost RM28/kilo for this babes!

It's dead don't worry! I've frozen it to hibernate and eventually they'll fall asleep and die!
It's more humane thing to do! Trust me! You don't wanna chop them when they're still running around!

Anyway, I have to admit I felt like fainting when I see those dead frozen crabs
in the plastic bags. Manage to overcome the dizziness and then bravely start my
crabbie operation!!!

After all the preparation, here's how it turned out to to look like!

Bon appetit!

Feedbacks from
Papa : (speechless) means good hehehe
Mama : Good
Aunt YS : wah can beat ur mom but how many tomatoes you add? a bit sour
Friends : Sedap!

They don't call me Queen of Crab for nothing!
Not bad on the first try.
Just drop your request if you want to know the recipe!
It's pretty simple and fun!

~Miss V a.k.a
Queen of Crab~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RM 100

Guys, I have to share with you my worst and most craziest experience,
I ever had in my whole entire life!

It happen last year on Halloween's Day (eh hem *hint hint* moi birthday), (i know it's a bit too late to share but it's still fresh in my head!)

On that day, I dressed up completely looking like a witch and with gothic look on! Oh not forgetting that witch hat i put on.. drop that broom it's fugly, and so before leaving i felt hungry and wanted a quick bite from Mc'Donalds. (yeah me hungry all the time)

and as I was queuing up,
there, right in front of my line,stood, a rich and proud looking lady with her kids all running around. (oh so cute i thought. her kids not her!)

So i was standing behind her, in the line as usual and then,
Out of the bloom, she turned behind, staring at me like I'm a convict and said,
"Give it back to me." and i was like, "What? excuse me?" she continued and said, " I know girls like you! Give me back my purse I know you're having it!"
At that moment people were staring at us, and I felt like a total humiliated person, i replied, " I don't do that kind of thing, I'm not like that!"
"Give me your bag!" she said.

"Fine! have it! (I innocently passed my bag to her, i know right, dumb dumb me)

So as she was searching for her *stewpitt* purse, her son came to her and said, " mummy mummy! here's your purse."
At that moment, she immediately returned my bag and turn behind facing the counter without saying anything to me. Like excuse me, she should apologized for allegedly accusing me and humiliated me publicly rite? I could sue her for defamation and slander and public humiliation! gosh why didn't i press charges! Damn! Laws....

Anyway, yeah i tapped her shoulder and said, " I think you owed me an apology?"
She gave me that *slap me face* look and took out her RM50 notes and handed it out to me.
I said, "This is not what i want, I want you to say sorry!"
She took out another Rm50 note and flashed a total of RM100 to me! (can you imagine?? RM100 flashing on my face?!!)
Oh yeah and there's this guy who screamed, "Ah Moi! Ambik duit saje la!"

I was so furious at that time! Took the money from her hands and then threw it to her *biatch* face! and walked off!

Guys, what will you do if you were in my shoes?

Oh yeah there's a continuation to this story... so as i was walking out.. i tripped down the stairs! My day cannot be any worst than this!

All of the sudden,
I opened my eyes and thought,
Oh goodness gracious me!
It was all a dream!

tricked you? hehe

Miss V

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Girls are very stupid"

I had a kung-fu assault act on me by my Islamic lecturer in class earlier because i was contradicting with him on several matters concerning relationships.

Started with him saying, " Girls are very stupid " (boys laughed as usual)

Mr. Lecturer : I have a client who calls me at 2.30am one day to ask me about legal proceedings to deal with her husband who had abused her at 12.00am.

So he asked his client.

Mr.Lecturer : What time did you argue with him?
Lady : At 11.00pm and then at 12.00am he punched me.
Mr Lecturer : How many kids do you have? (is this even relevant?? )
Lady : 3 kids
Mr.Lecturer : How long were you married?
Lady : 10 years.
Mr.Lecturer : Oh so at what age did you start dating your husband.
Lady : 22 years old and then i got married at the age of 25.
Mr.Lecturer : Why did you marry your husband? What is the reason of you marrying him?
Lady : because at that time he was kind, caring and romantic.

Bases on that 3 criteria s, Mr.Lecturer warned us girls to be careful.
Then I went by saying, " but how to date a guy if he is not kind, caring and romantic? "
Then Mr.Lecturer went moving his hands and legs in some kinda kung-fu position attempting to so call scare me, he almost looked like he was possessed by Jackie Chan or Tripple-H, but he was basically making fun of himself in front of the class. (everyone burst out, i personally couldn't stand at what he has doing to me, i had to turn my face and laughed so hard)

then he continued saying, "guys are very good in acting! To find a real man you need to see whether these 2 criteria is fulfilled or not.''

First, Leadership and Second Relationship with others.
(P asked to elaborate more on that)
He said, in leadership, see whether your future husband is good in handling and making decision as he'll be the head of the family. See whether he can handle the fight situation well or not, emotionally he could handle any pressure well or not.
Second relationship with others, meaning with your siblings, parents, in-laws, and friends. See whether he can have good relationship with them or not. If he doesn't like them, then he's not the right man for you. Ditch him!

So girls.... here are some useful tips before you say " I DO "

Miss V

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kuching Trip

I'm not Kenny Sia nor am I the best person to describe how Kuching is like. That's because I had a bad tour guide, my brother, Wei Kwang. For a person who has not been to Kuching before I felt like there's so many more places I've not been in my 5 days trip there. Well, of course the main reason why i was there is to attend my brother's convocation and to watch him deliver the ah ahh ahh speech on stage with all the Big Heads on stage. ( One may wonder why is he chosen? weird....) Yes i like to carper about him.... he's used to it... I'm after all this best sister on earth! ( like he has a choice hahaha) see how nice we looked together?? hahaha...

Here's how my kuching trip went about. I started arriving at the Kuching International Airport alone. That's right alone... Su Yin gave me that creepy look for boarding alone and it actually lurks and triggers my chicken heart. But anyway, i made it.

Arriving in the evening, bro brought us to mini memorial friendship park where Laksamana Cheng Ho was the biggest highlight, chucked and stucked sculpture right in the centre of the park.

that's my cousin sis posing with the dead man hahahaha.......

Then we had our dinner in a Steamboat BBQ restaurant... the BBQ part was fun, sizzling and dumping ur own food in, but RM19 bucks per person was not worth it. After that, my two cousins bought so many VCDS which all cost almost RM100.

Few places we drop by, with a lot of walking around Kuching. What is the car for!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Anyway here are some of the places we went.

Chinese Historical Museum. Very small, but i love to see the display of the chinese musical instrument. Wish i could pluck it!

Inside there were many description on many different types of chinese's historical background... hokkien, cantonese, foo chow, and many more la.. lazy to read all those..

Semenggoh to catch the orang utans! However, this trip only my brother and I went. It wasn't fantastic trip as i thought i could pat the baby orang utans or feed them. There wasn't many orang utans left because many has gone back to the forest only few faithful ones would return for food here.
Teh c Special. cheh klang oso got la!
Dad and mom posing for camera before the entrance.
Guests had to put on the mask the whole ceremony. I got in, disguising as some one's wife as there were only two invites for each graduates.
Miss V always gets her way. muahaahahaha.. *evil laugh*
It was boring as usual... the funniest part was my bro's speech. They actually chose him to represent his faculty on stage! hahahaha....

nothing much to yap about. that's all for now Ken!

Miss V

Saturday, August 22, 2009

secret for a flatter arse

i just found this effective method while i was on my way back to Kuala Terengganu this morning. It's not that tough for those too firm buttocks, who needs flatter effects. I felt real flat back there after a 9 dreadful hours compressing my backside on the cushion seat and since it was fasting period, I too endure on fasting session with the rest. What could make things even worse than a man who sings out of tune and sits right beside you. Thank God the seats are spacious enough. (dont think i so good wanna teman them fast oso...actually no lunch break or food break at all! Crazy bus driver)

My test is within 2 days time and I'm still lounging lazily around thanks to the continuative holiday moods i'm having. Things are still the same over here, my housemates are still screaming like usual trying to lock and scare each other in their room. Gosh i forgot to buy baju kurung..... damn! Just hope i wont be kicked out from the lecture room tomorrow.

You told me that you loved me
why did you leave me to cry in the cold
you swore this time was different
why does that line seem so old

Miss V

Monday, August 3, 2009

Virus A (H1N1)

Yesterday one of the hostel block got quarantined due to the virus.
Today morning I received an sms saying there's one confirmed case from UMT, which is situated few minutes away from where I'm living.

People are wearing mask already, we're not allowed to enter any administration office without the mask. So far as I've heard, there's 2 suspected case in my campus. I hope it'll spread then I can go back home hehehehhe...

blogged real fast and real short
xoxo miss v

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adapting ............... :-)

-sorry for not updating my blog for so long...
i've been busy trying to find time to blog and here i am, there's a black cat on my table now!!
this cafeteria is full of shameless cats-
Today we had a photo shoot session for our class picture.

and this are my beloved crazy housemates...... I love them all.

Su yin the second girl from the right, would hate it when we utter words of love to her,

one, two.... three, " we love you su yin "

Su Yin : Ahhh no nO NO don't! I dont wanna hear!

I call us the F 3 Rockers!
Reason : Block F is where we sleep, laugh, study, gossip, bath and shit!

They're practically like my family now, Just 3 weeks and it feels like we've known each other for so long. So don't worry ya all I'm doing good here besides the poor-boring food.... (Ai Ling your food blog is so good :-(, even my Mom's cooking is better than the foods here)

-will be blogging from the cafeteria from now on-

-Miss V-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kudos Klinik KT and Happy Birthday Ashley

Ah yerrrr.........
was my first reaction when the nurse passed me the plastic tube. Never in my life i ever thought i had to go through this. Nurse said, " ambik urine test yea " . I know, i know you guys, I had to take a urine test for my university report. I told Shambavi we had to go through all this and she freaked out immediately. haha. Screw the Klang GH for not having a medical check up facility for university student and referred us to a even screwer small health government clinic which their doctors are only available on July the 7th. I'm flying off this Sunday hellooo?? Screw them all and Kudos to Klinik KT! yay u rock!

Yesterday was Ashley Tan Kah Man's 21st birthday celebration. I never knew Nyonya Kitchen would turn into a clubbing spot! Haha... Anything can happen when Audrey's planning it! I loved her family. Your family rocks all the way Ash. All so sporting. Even your Kong Kong is dancing! cool!

Audrey, Ashley with her double storey cake and Moi!

Ash and Shah
Posers pics. Ken and Lavin

Sham n Shah

sleepy and moodless.

Miss V

Friday, June 19, 2009

Extra extra read all about it read all about it

On 19th June at an estimated time of 12.15pm, i decided that it was about time to kill the ugly maybe beautiful butterflies in my stomach. I don't care. It was due to my inquisitive mind upon my uni acceptance results.
I typed www.upu.gov.my, which is the official website to check on the status and waited patiently for a few seconds after so many entries before that and then there were even bigger scene whereby my next door neighbor called me out with her exciting tone of voice reporting to me that their hamsters bore 6 babies, it was all red and yucky, i couldn't stand the sight of it.. gelilar... , anyway back to the story... then came a PINK page. very peculiar i thought Pink!!?? of all colours??. I then carefully keyed in my IC number and the rest required details and submitted it.

If I were a boy......I would turn of my phone.... tell every.... ( my ring tone sound ). I picked it up.

It was my aunt calling me ever since early in the morning asking me about my results.... as I was trying to explain why it took so long and bla bla.... Poof!! I screamed!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I got it I got it!!! I got LAW!!! Then told her the about the rest of the details. After hanging up, I screamed again while running downstairs jumping on the ground and screamed to my brother, " I got law i got law i got law yay yay ". I jiggled and dance little.

I got what i want and exactly what i applied plus it was my first choice. Lucky me, I guess I'm smart in choosing the right courses and the university (perasan hehe). My teacher called and congratulate me for making the right choice ;-) ! She promised me a free Yam Cha treat! Yippie!

Sorry If my blog is hard to read. I'm blogging with I don care heart! because i got LAW!!! muahahahahahhahha

kesian my bootsie... he'll be alone at home... :-(.. so sad.

Miss V

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facebook is crazy!!

I can't believe people like my uncle would have them!! That is so scary to add! Especially if your uncle reminds you of Simon Cowell.
Oh crap... i better start behaving myself! err.. Not that I'm misbehaving all the time.. oh no no no... . I'm a good righteous girl. You can count on me. rite.

Lots of things have been going on therefore.....Whoopsss sorry for leaving you my-oh-so-beloved www.songsinmoipocket.blogspot.com for such a grueling long time... Miss ya! Muax!

I finally bought Cecilia Ahern's A Place Call Here and If You Could See Me Now. (i know i'm outdated. Dont care :-p) Yippie! I got one of the books for RM9 bucks! Thanks to MPH's warehouse sale! Yay! Oh yeah and i even bought a package of training kits for Bootsie my cutie, fattie, and nottie doggie so that he could perform tricks! Lol. Ambitious me.
Well i manage to teach him how to spin!
Basically he already knows how to sit, shake hand, heel, HIGH 5, and 10 seconds of stay
( sniff. got to brush that part).
Hope to burn his fats! He's so fat, short and broad. Here's the proof.

Ah can't wait for 19th June to know where I'll be in the next 13 days or so.

TTFN (rachel taught me this)
~xoxo Miss V~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

okay anxious people. Thy will be done. here are the updates..

Occasion : Mothers' Day

Venue : V Garden

the tables were empty thanks to the late comers... yes you. You know who you are. Even if you deny it, your names are written on the chairs and plates except for me, i took the liberty to take the pictures and put your names on them. :-)
booked 2 table in a VIP room, served with 8 courses of meals, a little bit lavish don't you think?? only this time no shark fin soup,
i assumed we suddenly decided to go against the idea of killing sharks? Eunice must be jumping right now.
Elliot was little bit dishearten because it was one of his favorite. Poor boy.

well i too was disappointed that night ( just a little ) because there were no CDs for me to sing that night.
(come on it has been 2 years!! u guys need to improve ur service! provide me with CDssss!!)

Yours truly Miss V, have been rehearsing just to unveil her hidden talent to grab the title of
V Garden Idol !!!

But not to worry, with Miss V's artifice in scheming things to get what she want. She manage to figured out ways to flaunt her vocals at the end of the show by
gathering all her lovely cousins to join cheers with their "Ama" ( grandmother in Hokkien language)

Generally it's accustomed in Chinese's weddings, where they'll cheer "yam seng" at the top of their lungs! Believe me, it felt so good to scream all the hidden and negative force of energy from within.
We should actually get the adults to do it. mmmmm...
They're the one burden with stress at work, spouse, children, maid, and... ermmmm... more!

So here... Miss V and the rest screamed " yammmmmmmmmm

I poked Daryl so that he will not overpower me :-P.

winners will be revealed at the end of the show.... TBA (to be announce)

While voting, let us view the picture below, recognize any familiar faces??

We're back!

At last whose the winner of V Garden Idol you might ask??

non other than
Yours truly Miss V :-p!

It's a Rap.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

thoughts ..

Took a deep breath and paved through the door while Bootsie engorged over his dinner. I stood at the slightly opened gate appreciating the surroundings and it's transformation. I've notice how ignorant i was towards the changes around my neighborhood. The tree I've once used to climb and carved my initial on it has now left nothing but a surviving hope. I see crows still nesting up there and wonder what happen to the noises of crows who used to give me chills when i was younger because it feels like they're invading my home town. That tree on the right sight, was a hard tree to conquer and is now gone. Thus explains the silence.

I turned my head back to check on Bootsie and am not surprised to know that he has done gobbling over his dinner in less than 5 minutes. I thought the evening weather was rather cooling. I took this chance to walked bootsie out. This time further than where we used to walk. It was the perfect time for Aedes to feed and breed but it doesn't bother me at all.

Along the way, then came this familiar looking 5 year old girl calling out it's name with enthusiasm, " Brootserieeee,.... brootserieee". She ran bear footed towards him like it was her norm to do so and would plant a kiss on Bootsie's head without fail every time i meet her, then she would waved goodbye to him before she runs back home. I've never spoken a word with that girl but only managed to exchanged smiles.

Then we walked further across the streets towards my primary school. I wonder if the nasi lemak ayam masak merah is still luscious. Oh, how i missed the 10 cents keropok lekor so much! I loved my primary life.... it's full of fun, joy and laughter. I don't recall any stressful moments there, except for the part when they gather the tween girls for a you know what talk and returned us with a square complimentary pack that adds on to the embarrassment. What's even worse is that we have to deal with the boys asking all the Wh questions.

That school always reminds me of my long time ago best friend, Syahirah. We lost contact after that. Recently, I found her. Not face to face but i saw her in a magazine. Cleo. Surprise Surprise she appeared as a model for a skin care product. mmmm.... It made me think about my future...should i call the producer and get involve in a risky business or should i wait for my uni entrance and graduate with a honorable degree..... ? mmmmm....

Anyway. It was getting dark and I whistled him to walk back with me.

~xoxo. vq~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lau Ah Pek's Birthday!

Yes indeed! It was my lau ah pek's 60th birthday yesterday! mark your calender on 19/4! We had the celebration in Imperial Restaurant in a private room. He's my dad's eldest brother in the family of 10 siblings. (correct me if i'm wrong).

yao yeng right? He has that MP's look! Potential Datuk! Undilah saya!

Speaking of undilah saya... on the same occasion, i too had vote for me moments.
Thank goodness my uncle simon cowell wannabe isn't around to judge my singing.
Yes you got that right!
I sang!

"It's down to two in the final. Who will win? and who will grab the title tonight?
The heat is on! 1 million ringgit is at stake!
This is Imperial Idol! "

says bRyan hoRseacreast. (commercial break)

The food was awesome and the cake was grrrrrrrrreat!
Hand baked personally by yours truly.... Mei Yin. (my cousin, his daughter)
ah order order kasi mali! siapa mahu order cake kasi tau sama saya!

Mei Yin is the one wearing pink top at the back row along with her zebra sister Ai Guat. My Ama is obviously sitting in between my Ah Pek and Ah Erm.

We had fun listening to the complaints or rather the solid good "comments" in every single dish from my non other than Aunty Yam Kem, self-promoted food critic. Trust me the food was not bad...... it's.... you know........ (she suka la!)

"Welcome back to Imperial Idol! Voting lines are now off and soon we will crown the first Imperial Idol.
may i have the two finalist standing before me please.
I'll read your comments from your last performance.
Miss Vivien, Waiter Abdul said that your performance was hau ting(pleasant singing / nice to hear la tu)
Yam Kem, the judges was speechless. (bad sign)
Imperial, you have decided....that the first Imperial Idol is......................

MISS VIVIEN!!!!!!! "
(crowd went crazy!! miss vivien, fell down on her knees with disbelief that she had just won! " thank you thank you")

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hottest Model in Malaysia

Welcome to the hottest
Malaysian Dog's Top Model!

* cycle 1 *

*My anjing cam whore giler!!!*
Notice the brand on the shirt he's wearing. (uh huh! He signed a contract with them for 2 years)

"am i cute?? because my owner thinks I'm ugly."

Well to keep up with my so Hot and Sexy body!
Of course i exercise daily without fail to maintain my sensual body!

I don't require a personal trainer, and i definitely
don't need to hit the gym and perform those strenuous activity with all those weird looking metals.

All i need is my DINO!!! and my REDI!

I chew, play, jump and run with them!! My secret of fine lines finally revealed for your benefit! only 10 minutes every session. Do it 3 times a day! Please be disciplined!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cried ur heart out, GUYS??

Perhaps I'm naive by ever having this thought in my mind ...
Do guys ever cry their hearts out when they are having a broken heart?

I have seen my girlfriends who pretended like everything was okay when their relationship got to an end but few days later i caught them crying elsewhere. It penetrates an intense anguish deep in the heart of the beholder by just looking at the sight of her who is hurting and broken inside.

How about you guys? I've never seen my boyfriends having that same emotions, or rather crying on their other boyfriends' shoulder? Ah yes.. swollen eyes the next morning? (i guess not) If you guys aren't expressive of your emotions then how do you deal with it? Strike the wall with glass?? Hit the nail with a hammer? Or run a thousand miles to avoid talking about it?

I've hung out with a group of guys before and as far as I'm aware of it, the conversation between them was all about sports mainly football. (glory glory Man United!) I've never hear any one spoken a word about girls, emotions or anything related to relationships. I bet us girls when we sit together we would chat about relationships. (of course not the entire conversation) Good and bad we share them all. Well of course we do disclose on other topics but it's not all about sports right? *I sense a whirl wind of division coming in* The next "Girlism"

Maybe that's why John Gray came out with Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus book.

mmmmm i wonder.

drunk me?? ( someone called me that today)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Singing so chaaa(bad) meh?

Thanks to my teh'o ais limau (ice lemon tea) and ching teh peng (chinese tea ice) I was conscious the whole early morning yesterday. So because I was so alert at this wee hours, i decided to play the guitar and practice some chords online. After awhile with my (no introduction needed) talented music skills of course, i got drag to sing along with the wonderful tune of my guitar....(praise myself-pat at the back) I sang and played, love story by Taylor Swift, i will remember you by Sarah Mclachlan, and songs from Bethany Joy Lenz.

At approximately 20 minutes pass, i suddenly hear extra drum sound-like outside of my window... I turn my head and looked at the curtain with words on my head saying "i really don't like the sound of it!"arrrghh... then it starts to sound more like..... argggh it's confirm thunder!! Yikes!
I was tryin not to think it's due to my singing and i continued because i thought it'll just stop after awhile. (comforting myself)So i strumed my guitar and start singing and it goes like this, " we were both young when i first saw you" *DUM DUM DUM* (thunder sound) it got worse right after i started one line! (oh come on!)
Rain started pouring and it was so HEAVY like raining cats and dogs at a about 5am... that's when i decided to stop singing... *crycry*... I'm finished for the night. Time for bed.

my singin that bad meh until the cloud, sky, stars and moon oso cannot tahan me.. :-( ... Afterall I was invited to sing on one of my relatives wedding day wor... there got evidence somemore...

... oh wait a minute... that two stooges sounded bad on that day. crap! i hope i'm fine.. well i did get some compliments like i sounded sweet? haha.

I could imagine Simon Cowell commenting my singing and he goes like this " this is excrutiatingly utterly atrouciously horrible! it's like a cat was running through your throat. The worst i've ever heard in the whole season!" (ok maybe over exaggerating it but...??)
no no no no... i refuse to admit i suck in singing... no no no.. please tell me i sound like a bird. :-)
eh i look fat here... haha.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It was a family trip i was looking forward to since last year and finally it had been accomplish last week! Thanks to the intensely hot weather there, it managed to place a memorable tan on my skin. I wouldn't call it nice since i have people calling me roasted pig! arggh.

This is Borobudur temple, it is said that if one touches the toe of the Buddha statue with their eyes close, their wish would eventually come true or they would be very successful in life. We hired a guide to show us the right statue so that we could touch the right Buddha's toe. Let's see who strike jackpot first muahahaha.... Well, it depends on whether you wanna believe it's true or not. I just wanted to try touching it. No harm rite?

Next, we headed to one of the most popular and busy street in yogyakarta, it's called the Malioboro street. Similar to our Indian street in Jalan Tengku Kelana but the length of this street is about 2km long. I managed to learn the art of bargain over here and just one advice for you if you're going there, don't buy things from the ladies, because they can be very boorish to you. Man on the other side treats us better by offering good prices and if we don't want it, they won't be mad at us.

After spending almost a day here, we decided to go back to the hotel by horse carriage! yippie! my cousin mei yin's favorite! She didn't wanna sit becak (trishaw). Yes! high 5! I have fad over horses since i got there. Allow me to show you the evidence. Tada!!

Don't you dare say i'm fat! :-P...
Oh speaking about that, the meal over there was execrable! By the sound of the name you could tell. Bebek, Lele, Gudeg and so on.. i didn't realise i ate pigeon meat until i got back home. yer................................ Pigeons are everywhere here in Malaysia don't remind me... sorry for eating your cousins, i'm innocent.. i didn't know... don't haunt me! please...........!!

Only one food appeal to me the most! jeng jeng jeng....


Friday, March 13, 2009


How many of you people who really love your own dogs or any dogs for that matter? If you're a dog lover, you would understand how i feel after watching Marley & Me. Just a few minutes ago i was crying over Marley's death, it scares a whole lot of me thinking that i might have to go through what John(Marley's master) and his family went. I cried not in a small amount of tears but really uncontrollable tears pouring out with mucus running down my nose towards the ending of the show... (i know it's disgusting) put aside that yucky thoughts from your head but really... the thought of Bootsie(my dog) dying one day stirred my emotions up and i don't wanna lose that small-cute-adorable-precious little baby creature who greets and wags his tail in excitement every time i call him. I love Bootsie a lot...and even leaving him for four days at home kills me!

The movie got me thinking that someday people will leave, and in my case, i will leave home soon to further my studies. Hits me right in my heart thinking about the people, home and specifically to my baby Bootsie that i had to leave and that i'll be missing and loosing many things and people whom i truly and dearly love while I'm gone.

For those who are not dog lovers might not get me, but i bet for those people like me, knows that it will hurt us one day to actually tell the doctor to put your dog in a eternal sleep of its lifetime. Some of you might have already experience it.

Sigh.... part and parcel of life..... i hate this part. RIGHT here.