Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adapting ............... :-)

-sorry for not updating my blog for so long...
i've been busy trying to find time to blog and here i am, there's a black cat on my table now!!
this cafeteria is full of shameless cats-
Today we had a photo shoot session for our class picture.

and this are my beloved crazy housemates...... I love them all.

Su yin the second girl from the right, would hate it when we utter words of love to her,

one, two.... three, " we love you su yin "

Su Yin : Ahhh no nO NO don't! I dont wanna hear!

I call us the F 3 Rockers!
Reason : Block F is where we sleep, laugh, study, gossip, bath and shit!

They're practically like my family now, Just 3 weeks and it feels like we've known each other for so long. So don't worry ya all I'm doing good here besides the poor-boring food.... (Ai Ling your food blog is so good :-(, even my Mom's cooking is better than the foods here)

-will be blogging from the cafeteria from now on-

-Miss V-