Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dutch Meatballs and Tart Tomato

It's good to be home and certainly great after coming home to a wonderful fun surprise by my Aunt
I've been missing the Dutch Meatballs and I guess I've been wearing her with my excessive talk about it and that has incited her to bring over a mixture during her visit to Malaysia. 

Thankfully she wrote me the methods at the back of the mixture.   

My very own Dutch Meatballs. 
To be honest, I failed terribly but my parents seemed to appreciate it. ;-) 
(or maybe they were pretending) 

I enjoy making fancy meals from time to time and hence my next fun recipe is inspired by Curly Girl Kitchen
I'm happy with the outcome of Savoury Baked Tart Tomato with Feta and Basil 
It's best serve with poached or fried egg during breakfast, brunch or even tea time and it goes very well with a good cup of coffee or tea.

I invited a "Guinea Pig" over for breakfast and he was being very sweet when he brought me these beautiful flowers. 
After handing it over to me he said, "it'll die soon"
I said, "Oh then you'll have to bring me fresh flowers every time then" 
*evil laugh*

(*i'm terribly sorry if you find missing flowers from your garden*)

Miss V
-enjoying her holiday-