Saturday, December 18, 2010

save the planet.

When I was still an adolescent, laundry didn’t occur in my mind at all because my mom will do all the laundry for me. In fact my school uniforms are always ironed and all I have to do is just pick the nicely ironed uniform and put it on. Upon returning, I will chuck it in the washing machine and it’s the same cycle for the following days.

Ok yes, because I don’t know how tiring it is to do laundry, I did the same to all the other clothes I wear, the same principle applies.

I always wonder why my parents would scold me of dumping my clothes in the washing machine after one wear, I mean… isn’t it suppose to be more hygienic? Shouldn’t I get praise for being a clean girl? Putting the dirty ones to clean and wear the new fresh clothes, no? Anyway, I ignored their nagging as usual.

It took me 20 years to catch that all I’ve been doing was causing mom a lot of work! Living independently from home made me realise that, hey, you can wear the same shirt over again just as long as you have a proper ventilator for the clothes you hang. Provided you don’t sweat of course!

Lucky me, I don’t sweat much as my lectures are all air-conditioned, so it saved me a lot of time from doing the laundry due to wearing the same shirt in the alternate days, and of course I will stick to the rule of not wearing the same shirt more than twice. Well, in cases when I have amnesia, it will be three times. The rule is inapplicable when I find the shirt stinks.

In a way it's call saving the planet!! Don't ask me how but I'm sure you can connect it to the Earth Hour campaign.

I’m at home now, mom’s happy and I’m happier as she doesn’t nag anymore!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr President, Your Excellencies,
My name is Vivien Quay(pronounce it as Kee muahahahaha)
It is an honour to appear before this Tribunal together with my co-agent, Miss Aini Salleh,
Pleading on behalf of the defence!

I can't seem to get this out of my head!

That's my line for my recent International Humanitarian Law Mooting Competition in a Special International Tribunal Court.

I felt like human again after 12th December as I don't have to think of proving
Colonel Ramsey Potter innocent of all the charges post against him.
Mind you, his charges are real heavy and it concerns civilians population and objects!
My co-agent and I are suppose to justify his massive killings in court.
How to justify?
That's why we've been having sleepless of nights since our finals.
Usually students will go wild and celebrate freedom after finals but that's not the case when it comes to us.
Unfortunately, we have to stay back to work on our case!

Facing monsoon season is another challenge as well. Water level reached as high as my knee length, and it's really a nauseous sight having to walk through contaminated water probably there's feces in it, everyday to attend our intensive training till midnight!
Sometimes I wish that person will help me instead of dumping me after signing up as my assistance. Sometimes I wonder how can people be so inconsiderate. Nvm, forget the unhappy moments.

These are the hottest mooters alive and yes that includes moi!

Moi co-agent and I!
Good job co-agent, you've made me proud!

A potential flight attendant on board.

Walking towards the Faculty of Law in UM,
it's so beautiful and such a pity I don't have a picture of it.

That's me on action, presenting my case to the Judges.
Judges are so handsome!!!

That's my co-agent on action.

My leg hurts after one session, that explains why i took off my shoe.

It's such a good experience and exposure meeting real life Judges and Lawyers who worked for Human rights.
I've never knew International Humanitarian Law can be so interesting and I feel like pursuing Masters on that subject, but.......zzzz that means delaying in earning my own money in the real world..... zzzz.....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love romantic movies and I cannot and will not grow tired of the clich├ęs story lines. I just love how predictable love can be at the end of the show and knowing it all ends well just made me feel alive again. Romance shows are like food to my soul; it nourishes my heart, and makes me feel human again. I’m feeling all lovey-dovey now after watching Letters to Juliet by Amanda Seyfried.

I can’t get to be free from this refrained soul of mine, locked up very tightly and caged in with all these heavy loads which I can’t seem to find a minute to breathe at all. Watching movies like this is just the therapy I need after chewing on what seems to feel like there’s no end to it, work.

I love the idea of having a life in a village, where I can live in a quiet vintage home, and among the land a vineyard with rows of grapes ready to be harvest, besides that a long stretch of big and bright beautiful sunflowers growing along the roadside, greeting every passersby, leaving them with a big smile on their faces, and not to be left out also an orchard where colourful fruits and healthy vegetables will grow.

What a beautiful place I want to live and die in. Someday Miss V. someday.

Special thanx to shahman for downloading so many wonderful movies for me. For you guys who wants to watch a good quality movie find him!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perodua Bezza

I just love everything about you except for the rear.....
fantastic job Perodua....
I don't care if they say you're a re-brand from Prius!
You look awesome 'cause you're amazing just the way you are!
Gosh the thought that i was just sexually harassed still agitates me. I'm not so bothered about the words he said to me but felt more compassion on his wife. Despite the fact that I've reminded him of his wife in his life, he doesn't seem to care and said husbands are not meant to be owned but share! WT....ttttttttuuuuttttt!!! Someone got to teach him something about his religion! Just because 4 wives are allowed you guys go flirting around behind your wife?!?? and claimed it's according to Sunnah Nabi for following Nabi Muhammad who also has many wives? Gosh why not you ride a camel like Nabi Muhammad, marry widows and older women like Nabi Muhammad, pray 5 times a day like Nabi Muhammad, sew clothes and repair shoes like him??? hmmmm what else does he do in life... hmmm.... let see...

This kind of people just smeared and tarnish the religion! Instead of it being viewed as a holy religion you guys made me think it's a sex religion now! Another thing you said that 70 virgins will be waiting for you in heaven ??!?! OMG ! what does your religion teach you? To fulfil your sexual lust and desires?

I bet you wont even reach to heaven to meet the virgins in the first place.

Poor Mrs.****** sigh.... I wonder why you got married to him ?? He's so ugly, fat and unfaithful to you.

Guys. I really don't trust you! So many of you are like that.

Criminal paper just ended. I'm bumped I did badly. I'm depressed i'm not gonna get an A. I feel sorry for myself for being kia su person. i always hate kia su people but now i am one of them.

Consti paper too... :-( . I want an A. I need an A. did so well in the 1st half semester already but now i'm not gonna get an A in the finals. crushed....!

so depressed.....

..........................................................heLP me.......................................................................................

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God is good to me,
God is good to me,
He holds my hand and make me stand,
God is good to me.

I'm so lucky to be staying in one of the church aunt's home where I get to enjoy the continuous blessings of water supply! I may sound very holy right now, well how can I not be as I'm staying 3 levels above the church and gets few minutes of religious talk from a christian owner here. lolz.

I quite like it here, just wished I have a car to travel from here to my campus.

Thank you Lord!

Miss V

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


D'Tavern Restaurant.
Who could have thought Port Klang has such an extraordinary restaurant which serves first class beef and other prevailing meals. Similar to windmill but this is even better!

The surroundings has impressed me with it's unique decorat
ion of an old English bar-like, but don't get me wrong, you can bring kids in for dining too.

You'll get one bun if you order a meal and it comes with salted butter.

The BlueBerry Cheesecake.
Price : RM7

Roast Lamb Shank
RM 33
Taste as good as it looks! I give 9/10 for this!

Roast Chicken
Not bad....

Baked Stuffed Kurau
Quite good actually.

Oh subject to 5% of government tax.

-Miss V's loaded with delicious food for the night-

Friday, November 12, 2010

Man beating his wife

I could have bought a brand new guitar if it weren't because of my "formal clothes". Blazer's so expensive!! ISH! So angry!

Today I witnessed something horrifying that I swear I will never think of marriage after age 30!!
A man strike his wife repeatedly with his hands and legs at the gas station! AT THE GAS STATION!! IN PUBLIC!! I dare not imagine how is home like for the poor wife.
Clearly through the look on her face, it's not her first time!

Man please, I feel like chopping your hands and legs off! This is outrageous and clearly immoral and uncivilized! what a disgrace!
Keep your hands away from your wife, this is such a coward move, just because you're physically stronger, that doesn't mean you can dominate her by using your fists and legs!
Damn this idiots!

Miss V's pissed!
no xoxo for now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Returning back to my hostel room feels light today as a huge amount of burden has finally been taken away from a concise and puny brain of mine. Although my leg hurts as the court shoes were killing me the whole entire time but it was a pain which I find no reason to complain about.

Wearing the black and white formal outfit with blazer feels cool and professional, what more putting on the black robe which brings the lawyer spirit out from within.

Oh did I mention? My final for Moot subject is finally over?

Yeah, it’s over! Finally I can stop reading on all those crazy and crappy stack of thick-big-fat documents with small tiny fonts in it which all cost almost a hundred ringgit! There goes my luxuries and scrumptious meal to reward myself with after being stressful for weeks. Pimples popping out. :-(

Miss V
-it's crazy to even think of becoming a lawyer-

Friday, October 22, 2010

On December 10th-11th, in the year of 2010, I, Miss V, along with my co-counsels will appear at the moot court of the University of Malaya like this!

Oh yeah we're going to dress to impress and persuade the judges and he's never going to believe we're from University of Sultan Zainal Abidin!
It's a new dawn and a new day and a new life for UniSZA!
I'm not very keen on the shoes as it brings the old fashion sight in me!
Despite the excitement to look professional, I hate this competition as its preparation is taking a lot of my luxuries precious time in the weekends.
No more Mydin, no more China Town, no more shopping for my biscuits!

The following details are meant for my brother as he does not believe the prescribed details with regards to the dress code for the competition. This is not like debate la wei kwang! :-P. So just ignore if you're not my brother.


1. BLACK Blazer
2. BLACK High Heels [fully covered, NO open toe]
3. White Shirt [Blouse] & Black Pants [Slacks] - MUSLIMS
4. BLACK Skirts [not to short, must at least cover your knees'] - NON-MUSLIMS
5. BLACK Tudung [NO white Tudung]


No. 1: Only BLACK BLAZER is allowed, no other colour is permitted, even the DARK one.

No. 2: In court, you cannot wear shoes that not properly covered your feet (OPEN TOE HEELS). Please wear FULLY COVERED BLACK HIGH HEELS

No. 3: In MOOT COMPETITIONS, Mooters DO NOT wear BAJU KURUNG in oral submission. They are wearing WHITE SHIRT & BLACK PANTS [Muslims] OR Black Skirts [Non-Muslims]

No. 4: In MOOT COMPETITIONS, Mooters will usually wear WHITE TUDUNG and BLACK TUDUNG. Both are acceptable,but for IHL 2010, Please wear BLACK TUDUNG instead.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It’s 3.11am and everyone can’t sleep because we’re all frightened by the news we received an hour ago! Every body’s freaking out and every body’s keeping their under garments away from the balcony and locking every single doors and windows and any access to the apartment of ours!

Not only that we must fight against supernatural forces too! Onions, salt, and what so ever to keep them away from our lives! – okay I’m beginning to sound absurd -

Tomorrow we will all charge the Hostel Management to request a tighter security!

There was news spreading around that a Bangladesh man allegedly raped a student from this campus! And she lives like few blocks away from where I’m living! This news is almost 90% true! OMG!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you Lord,

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for blessing me richly with so many brilliant things in life.

Today, I'm reminded again on how blessed I am to have You in my life.

Thank you Lord for being there for me when I needed your blessings and guidance!

Despite the hectic schedule I've been facing for the past week, little good news came in between of the day that made me feel good about myself.

Thank you Miss Lecturer for making me smile. Thank you thank you!

I'm waiting for your present! yay!

I'm finally feeling like a law student where I have to prepare so many documents for my so called clients for an insurance claim. I have submission to do in the so called court in front of the "judge" this wednesday/thursday? I'm not really sure when, but the point is I am finally feeling like one of the lawyers in the movies where they wear black rope minus the white wig hair. OMG this is happening to me and it’s exciting!

I hope with the joint forces by my junior council and me, we will subsequently nail our submission.

Vejakumar a/l Veloosamy & Binjamir a/l Eliah we will work hard for your indemnity!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Saturday, October 2, 2010


My 12 year old cousin was chatting with me on facebook and said that I looked different with spectacles.
He said I look "10xxx weirder" and ask me not to wear them anymore.

Really?? Hmmmmmm........

This is my cousin brother's real life picture.........

So who's weirder now??

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Baby boy for Amber Chia!"

When will Miss V appear as a headline in the newspaper?

How many times do I have to dream that I could be there?
I know that the time is here but she won't be waiting for me to find the easy way out.

What do I need to do in order to be successful like her?
Oh, better be careful in what I wish for or else I'll end up in a tragic death like Sosilawati.

However, lime light is not what Miss V's looking for actually,
because she's slowly adapting the "anti-social" behavior that's slowly creeping out from within.

I hope to grab the winning trip to Hong Kong in this year's competition and for that, hard work must be incurred by us, Mooters and the Researchers! We can do it!!! -cheer cheer-

International Humanitarian Law, here I come!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

miss v gila

Test didn't go well today....
Definition of a person who is unsound mind in other word, crazy, is when he thinks the features of the action is right for example when discerning right from wrong but unfortunately he concluded wrongly and made the wrong decision which he thinks it was right.
This definitely sounds like the test i was having this morning as I thought my answers were right but then it turns out to be wrong, hence, I am suffering from mental illness and cognitive incapability! more like sub-normal intellectually.
The law should put me in asylum as I will be a threat to myself and the society!
Help!! orang gila di sini yang bernama miss v!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear S.A TAN

This is not for satan don't worry, this message goes out to a friend, (you know who you are)

Invite me to you BLOG at once!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Girl Throwing Puppies in the River

Oh my gosh!! Watching the recent video on Youtube of a girl throwing puppies in the river just pisses me off!!
What's wrong with these people?!?!
You guys just have to watch this! or just type "girl throws puppies in the river" on Youtube.

Who in the right mind throws a bucket of puppies in the river?!?! ARGGGH!!! (fowl languages!!)
I am so angry with this people who thinks that it's funny to throw animals away! Previously, there was this incident where a lady threw a cat in a bin because she thinks it's funny!
WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!?!?!?!? let me throw you into the bin and you tell me whether it's funny or not!
And to the girl who threw puppies in the river, allow me to throw you in the river to teach you how it feels like being thrown in that manner which you think it was funny. CRUEL TO THE MAXIMUMlah! this people should be PUT INTO HELL!! (pardon my language, as there are no deserving words to describe how inhuman they are! I'm so angry!)

I can't stand these people!! They're disgusting!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Singing out loud in my own not-so-personal room yesterday was a bit of a relieve but I'm still feeling down due to reasons I have yet to identify as there's so many issues running in my head. It's definitely not mood swings or PMS that's for sure! (I take EPO to balance my hormones)

I'll be in Klang in two days time and somehow this time or maybe for the first time I can't seem to find that sense of joy n excitement at all. Previously, I'll have this jumping image of Yippie and Yahoo in my head but now not anymore.
My life is so boring and dull..........................................................................................................

I even thought of not going back home but knowing it's the Raya Holidays I'll only be alone here and that thought brings chills in me.

Some people are so inconsiderate I don't know why.
Some people just don't get it I don't know why.
Some people just wanna be someone else by lying about their status quo I don't know why,
Some people just have that annoying face I don't know why.
and I have problem facing this kinda people I do not want to know why.

5 test , 3 assignments . Looks like this break isn't going to be fun.

i miss bootsie.......... :-( .

miss v, emo.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm very disappointed with the acts of the members of the Parliament. sigh... angry too!
Why did he made that statement, "Ini negara Islam you tak suka you keluar dari Malaysia"
Members of Parliament is entrusted to legislate the laws in Parliament but sadly some of them have not been doing their homework on the Federal Constitution. What a shame to claim that Malaysia is an Islamic State when it is not!

They may use Article 3 of the Federal Constitution as an argument which states that, "Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation. "
Meaning of this article is that Islamic point of views is a complete way of life covering 'ibadah, mua'malah, jinayah, akhlaq and qanun and is limited to certain matters only. According to the Constitution, as the religion of the Federation, Islam does not have legal effects but only ceremonial effects. This enables prayer to be offered in the Islamic way in official occasions for example anniversary of Merdeka Day and installation of Ruler or YDPA.

The ceremonial status of Islam is due to British's occupation where the colonial promoted a secular nature of state which separated administrative activities and law from religion. This has been maintained until today. There is no provision saying that any law which is contrary to Islamic law is void. Thus a law passed by the legislature may contravene the principles of Islamic Law.

Back to History where we can trace the purpose of this Article 3 being enacted.
When the White Paper was drafted , Reid says," the proposition that Islam is the religion of the Federation shall not affect the present position that this federation is a secular state." According to Tunku Abdul Rahman, " I would like to make it clear that this country is not an Islamic state as it is generally understood, we merely provide that Islam shall be the official religion of the federation."

Hudud Law cannot even be implemented in Malaysia, and what in their state of mind can they say that Malaysia is an Islamic State? What a shame!!!! this people has no idea on what they're saying but only knows how to provoke racial riots, how to vote for the government like that? We are not to questioned on the status quo of Malays and Bumiputeras as it's an offence under Sedition Act 1948 as it is deemed as a sensitive issue. What about chinese? Asking the chinese to get out from Malaysia really hurts the chinese. I wonder when will this racist issue end. If only we have more wiser leaders around i think the issue of racism will never be surfaced and Malaysia will be far more advanced than Singapore.
After 53 years of Independence, we still cannot live in peace and harmony.
Sometimes i think they're the one who cannot live in peace and harmony but not my friends and I.

My friends and I can live peacefully and harmoniously under one roof and we really love and care for one another despite having different backgrounds, races and religions. Why can't the members of the Parliament respect one another ?? It's such an embarrassment for our nation when people from other countries were to view the proceedings in the Parliament.

I personally am very disappointed as a chinese in Malaysia. Sometimes i feel like i don't belong here in Malaysia. I get comments like, "Bila you mahu balik China?" (translate as-when are you going back to China?), " You ada rasa kembali ke China tak?" (translate as "do you feel like returning to China?" . My heart hurts when they ask questions like that as I am born here in Malaysia, never have I been to China or ever feel the sense of belonging in China. When China vs Malaysia game is on, I always cheer for the Malaysian team no matter what!
We pay taxes and we worked very hard for the growth of the nation's economy and yet we're treated like no one appreciates us. If all the chinese were to get out of Malaysia, I wonder what will Malaysia be. Or would there even be Malaysia?

Miss V's personal opinion, don't put me in jail pls.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I’m now on a quest for a fair skin after realizing that living near the beach can cause skin darkening. Mayday Mayday! Miss V's skin is already tan therefore she needs to find a solution for a fair and glowing skin and VoiLA!... she resorts to a glass of warm milk every night before going to bed. I have this absurd theory that my skin would be fairer , i don’t know why. Is this true? Well if it isn't true at least I'm pumping myself with calcium!

Someone once told me that I can only have two types of skin colour to be beautiful. First very very fair and second, golden tan! I'm neither both so i need to be very very fair!

My oh my i didn’t realise how expensive milk powder is! Of course I’m comparing it to other drinks like Nescafe, Milo, and all the other instant drinks. But it’s ok! I’m willing to spend for a healthier me! Plus it has omega 3-6!! Yahoo good for my brains! Another weird theory....

A RM600 Yamaha acoustic guitar is lying on the floor right now but for limited time only! So Miss-V managed to refreshed herself with couple of songs. Yahoo!!!

Miss V

Loving her housemates everyday....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fasting month

I don't like to have instant noodle as a meal but unfortunately i had to bear with eating one of it just few minutes ago for lunch.
was planning to fast just like the others but i failed on the first day itself.
Don't get excited, I'm not fasting because I'm a Muslim or anything like that, it's just the circumstances that I'm in at the moment which puts me no choice, but to fast along.
The food stalls are all closed for a month due to fasting period.
that's where the plan went about.

See.... you first have to understand my diet plan.
I eat lunch and skip dinner,
since it's a fasting month,
I had to switch from not eating lunch to now eating dinner.
That was the initial plan.


sad and blue...... :-(

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

boys = perverts.

Eeeeewww boys!
Boys = perverts.

Stop using binoculars to spy on us!
and stop screaming at this hour it's 1.13am!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here I stand, in the middle of a huge castle,
Where the sovereignty of the Sultan reigns,
with the entrance so well secured by guards who puts on the James Bond's black shades alike on,

I get home schooling system here where I'm obtaining first stage of tertiary education at degree,
Sources, information, and references is only 10 minutes away, convenient, as it appears to be. hmmmm.....

Beautiful cafeteria, instilling garden concept, thoroughly furnished with natural sources around it,
so sedative it makes breakfast possible where it can turn a bitter coffee sweet and sweet noodles yummy.Picnic

On top of that, majestic gymnasium is so majestic where it makes us all majestic in size with it's damaged equipments. Ooops I beg your pardon, was a bit sarcastic on that.

Anyways, where was I....... Oh ya....
Forget about all those so called wonderful things,
This ain't a castle and I'm not a princess here.

It has been 4 days! FOUR DAYS without water supply!!!
Can you imagine a day without water?Grrr
This is against the federal constitution where I feel my right of getting water supplies is being infringed here. many of my rights of movements is being restricted, internally as in inside of my body too! , if you know what i mean.
Even Bootsie, my dog is having fun showering right now!Soaking

Miss V
water deprived

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I knew in an instance that that will be my package from the sound of the Mr.Postman's motorbike.
(hey this reminds me of the Mr.Postman song by Carpenters!)
Indeed I'm right!

Been waiting for these goodies for about a week already and thank God it arrived a day before i left.
Aren't they pretty??

Here's, a closer look!

this package also comes with a mini-bag, how generous!
Those of you who knows me well, would know how much I'll love this!

and it can do this, so it's easier to carry around.

All those are hand-made cards and bag from my Aunt Lai Yoke, all the way from Netherlands. XXX!! Too Happy 1
(and yes I hope Netherlands will win the world cup although my mind is telling me Spain will win it. )
Anyway, click here and here to view more of her creative works!

It's always exciting to receive gifts!
*hint hint*
So people send me gifts often because you'll totally make my day a happy one! Sunshine
KT address ya not Klang's.
Help me to go through these awful time in KT, no offence to KT's residents I just don't like living in where I am right now. I can smell cat's poop from here. (get what I'm going through?)
Speaking of cat! A cat shocked me today by sneaking into my room while I was away for a shower.
(now see what I am really going through?!)

Miss V, bACK to business and reality...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mixed-Up Psychological Disorder

I'm struggling with a psychological disorder but have not found which classification of psychological disorder I belong to yet.
Finding the list through Wikipedia is slowly driving me nuts! Bugging Out
Realizing the cuckoo-ness coming, I quickly stop before I get to add to another
"Unknown Psychological Disorder" (UPD).

Ok here's the thing with me.
I am confuse........., or more like people are confused. But maybe, I made people confuse.
Or I am a confusing person with a bunch of confused people.
Or they are confusing me leaving me confused but
in the end, I am confused with their confusion! Yeah more like that!
(please correct my grammar if you will, but DOn't get cOnfuse )

When I was living with a Cantonese roommate, I spoke Cantonese so often that I forgot Hokkien completely like totallyx2! I couldn't even order my food in Hokkien and had to order in Cantonese. (what a shame...)
In case you're still wondering the obvious, I'm a Hokkien Chinese BTW.

When I have foreign visitors staying for few weeks, I started speaking like Ang Mo with you-know the accent until my friends were teasing me, " wah why your accent oso change already arr!"

When I'm with my Indian friends, I speak and sound like an Indian so much,
till this guy asked me this,
" Are you a Chindian? " i said, "no. y?". he said, " because you speak like an indian! "
Another account was, " Wei Li !!! I couldn't recognize you at all I almost thought i dialed the wrong number because you sounded soooooo much like an indian on the phone!"

When I order food in Malay stalls, or meet new people and used BM, people would give me second look and ask, " awak cina ke melayu?"
Like so many times already until I could predict the next person's reaction when I speak in BM.

FaintOh Jeez

I'm weird, I'm a chinese but i fail to present myself as a chinese!
I can't speak well, I can't read or write in chinese!!!!
I even doubt if I even look like one.

OMG do i??
OMG no!! i just recalled another incident.
" Awak dari Sabah ke? "
(i shake my head dissenting to it)
" Sarawak? "
(shake my head again.....zzzz)

P.E.N.G.S.A.N. I.



Miss V, faint...zzz

Monday, June 28, 2010


I do not understand the tolerance level of these stadium soccer spectators' ear drums. They must have SUPERMAN's pair of ears to bear with the loud and highly intense sound of this plastic blowing horn called Vuvuzella.

As far as I know, the high sound pressure levels if blown at a close range can lead to permanent hearing loss for the unprotected ear. I could barely hear the crowd supporting or jeering on the teams or referee anymore, the entire football match has been filled with zzzzzzzzzzzz tunnnnnnnnn ppppooooonnnnnn sounds from the horns. The playback slow motion would normally tell me whether the supporters are cursing or praising. No fun seeing their lips moving, I wanna hear them! Only Britney Spears is allowed to mime okay.

see that warning sign?? Wow, by just having this exclusion clause on the Vuvuzella, the person who blows the horn can be exempted from liability on the possibility of severe damage to the hearer?

Coool..... being a person who yen for having all musical instrument one day, I would love to have one of these dangerous monotone horns in my dream collection. Blings

xoxo, Miss V dreaming again....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear diary,

I wanna grow up fast.
Grant me a time travel machine to bring me forward,
to the time where I have my own house to live,
away from all the miseries in the world,
just breathing in my own space,
with my dear little bootsie.

Miss V

Friday, June 18, 2010

Promoting MAS campaign

Hey readers, may I please asked for your kindness to just click on this, no harm done. Don't worry NO VIRUS transmission, Guarantee! Way To Go
I know you see no point for you, but for friendship sake or err, ummmmUmmm, I'm sure you like me at least a bit, or at least we've been friends before in one point of time, right? Lightbulb Idea
Click this for me please....pretty please? Kisses

I wish you : Bow Down Together
Mucho Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Dank u Wel, AriGato Gozaimas, Kap Kum Kap, Sie Sie, Toh Che, Thank You, Kam Siah, Terima Kasih!

in advance.

grateful Miss V