Wednesday, December 28, 2011

at the Library

So here I am, so determine to conquer my world by absorbing all the written work of the highly qualified and distinguished publicists in the soft convulated mass of nervous tissue within the skull of vetebrates of mine or otherwise known as the brain. (that's right Penny)

It's funny how the subject of sea makes me crave for salmon and how it makes me form a series of mental images of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean.

few moments later.....................................

 I was kept as a hostile in the hands of the Pirates at the "shores of the sea"

Miss V
-trying to study-

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Recently, I’ve been carrying around a heavy suitcase of the homesick blues. 
Ever since my aunt said she’s returning home to the place where I belong, I have been feeling increasingly melancholy and nostalgic. Feels like I am missing the familiarity of being in my home town. 

What is it like not to have a curfew, what is it like to roam freely, what is it like to satisfy my cravings anytime I like, what is it like not having people to stare at you strangely, what is it like to shop in a beautiful complex, what is it like to pamper my Bootsie, what is it like showering in a warm water, what is it like to just rest in the air-conditioned room, what is it like watching movies for hours, what is it like?......i can go on and on.... 

This amount of assignments’ preventing me from revising the tedious looking books for the major exam, just a slight word of exam gives me a panic attack since it’s just around the corner! (yeah screw the lecturers from cramming all the assignments in December!!!) I find myself resenting them and the people around me for no apparent reasons.
I guess i just found myself being caught in a suitcase of homesick.  

Miss V

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Korean time... Annyeonghaseyo

My recent notion on which I’m excessively concern on is learning the language of the Koreans.
“hangug-eo ye. jeoneun hangug salang”  which means, "Yes Korean, I Love Korean"

The idea of practising the language has dominated my thoughts and feelings so persistently that it managed to taught me into mastering the once-most-hated–but-now-adore-it song called “Nobody Nobody by the Wondergirls”. I could even play and sing it on guitar.  -grin-

I’ll watch the Korean’s soap opera all day long and in the midst of it quickly and briefly jot down the prominent and noteworthy lines from the dialogues and thereafter pathetically recite it on my own. Nonetheless, the most amusing part of all is to get a stupefy look from friends after uttering the language to them because they'll have the "what the...??" look. 
The worst case scenario is to introduce yourself in Korean during presentation for Islamic Banking & Finance class last night and that's when you know you're caught in this dangerous obsession. LOL!

Miss V
-hangug gago sip-eo-

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sexual Reproductive Rights

Young and Vulnerable…

Read this with an open mind and heart, without discrimination and prejudice, set aside religion, morality and ethics on which you defined, stigma or stereotypes you might have, please set it all aside. Do it for the sake of the young and vulnerable for reality has come and it’s time for us to act and do something about the issue concerning the unsafe abortion among adolescent and young women.  Yes, abortion, have I drop the bomb to quick? Is the impact too fast to cope? Good. This should help to open your eyes to the reality of a silent pandemic on which it’s too taboo in our society to discuss.

Before I attended the seminar on Reproductive Rights held in UM recently, I mistakenly believe that abortion in Malaysia is outright illegal in all circumstances, albeit if you’re carrying a child of a rapist or sexually abused by your spouse. Little did I know that abortion is actually legal here and due to lack of knowledge about the legalities of abortion and lack of understanding of the possible health consequences and dangers women might face if abortion services are not accessible, they might resort themselves to unsafe abortion with untrained providers or try to abort themselves since abortion is not openly discussed by the public and health providers.
I am here to spread awareness that women should earn their rights of their own sexual reproduction and not be oppressed by any persons in the society. If you know of any young women who conceived an unwanted child and has no where to go, no person to rely on and no one who cares about her, and you just looking from afar feeling pity and bad for not knowing what to do to help her, then you'll know exactly where my intention of spreading this awareness lies.

"Sexual Reproduction Rights exists and some of it are, rights to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health where they can freely and responsibly decide on number of children they wish to have (family planning), right to legal or safe abortion, right to contraception and education pertaining to it." WHO

A young person from an early age requires accurate and comprehensive information on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse by strangers and family members or even their lovers. They also need to know about sexual relations, how pregnancy happens and how to prevent it, as well as to recognise the early signs of pregnancy. Continuing to neglect in providing young people with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education is having a serious negative effects on their health and lives. 
Just look at the increasing number of baby dumping!

Statistics are 9% out of all unsafe abortions in Asia are among girls aged 15-19 years old and further 23% among young women aged 20-24. However, these are only the reported cases as we’re all aware that it is difficult to gather the statistics.

Let us not create violence against women when we acknowledge and abide with the social stigma whereby premarital sex is stigmatised in most parts of Asia. Do you realise that premarital sex is itself a stigma? 
Think about it.

Pregnancy in an unmarried girl is often referred to as “illegal” and abortion in these circumstances is illegal even when it may not be. This stigma imposed the need for confidentiality, which coupled with lack of partner or family support and economic vulnerability and it may make it hard for some young women to access medically safe services and even clandestine safe services may charge a high financial premium. Unskilled providers may be the only option even in settings where safer, legal alternatives exist.

Whatever your believes or faith may lie, if you have a genuine heart to help, I recommend that the first step we must do is not to drag ourselves to the social stigma and start respecting the rights and choice of others as they have rights protected under the law and do it for the sake of a healthy sexual reproduction of these women. Please cast your condemnation and criticism against this deed and be rationalised instead. Educate on sexual reproductive rights to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 

or you can always refer them to RRAAM (Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia) where they'll help these young and vulnerable women.

Miss V
-making the world a better place to live in-

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Confession : Gossip

Oh man… I felt so guilty for engaging myself into a gossip affair earlier.

Usually I kind of shrug it off and try not to gossip myself but I just let it got into me awhile ago.
Perhaps I felt like I was subjected to the stereotypes of how a social convention of that representation works,
just so I could fit in.

Felt like I was bullying the absentee by not only participating into it but also encourage the insertion of errors and hence create another variation of it, on which i believe half of it cannot be true! 
(Gosh….-knock my head to the wall-)

Well, another optimistic way of looking at what damage I've done is that maybe in one way or another, the common interest we shared through this nature of communication will create a relatively higher level of friendship among the mutual chatters. (maybe not...zzz)

But hey, do we have to resort into hurting the absentee’s feelings, just so we can have the so called, “good” friendship? (that's crap, i know)

After coming into my senses like 1 minute after we part into our separate ways, I can easily feel a great sense of remorse bubbling up from within me. Not only do I feel ashamed of what I did but there’s this sudden low self-esteem energy came flowing too. Miss V just cannot function this way! 

I’m neva gonna wanna do this again. Like evar! GOtta watch what I say. Period.

Miss V

Monday, November 21, 2011


I have just transformed myself to the Hulk - a giant, raging, humanoid monster!!!! 
Beware you narcissist arrogant smug! Just one more haughty notion from you and I'll cut the cord for good! My strength increases intensely when I'm furious! 

Lucky you, I'm a lot calm now after thinking of what God would say to me. 
From a BIG HULK to a sMall gUrl.....

Miss V

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Funny Video

Got this from Shay Mitchell's FB and it got me laughing!!


Miss V

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm going crazy!!! -pulling my hair- browsing through the internet's driving me crazy!!
I need a vintage look ... pronto!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Danielle Steel

Dear Danielle Steel,

How could you provoked my heart to grief and sorrow.
Now and Forever sure left me all teary and heartbroken till the very last page.
I'm not alright but don't worry, it won't be for long. I'll be fine in the morning.
That should mean, you've done an awfully handsome job in writing!
Good work!

Mind me....
Miss V's still disturbed by the book.


Friday, October 28, 2011


Can i have him please???

This is too cute! :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping Spree in Kuantan

We left Uni for a short trip to Kuantan last Thursday by hopping into a Business Class coach.

It's not because we're narcissistic people who boast for oneself's comfort by indulging ourselves in a reasonable standard of living.
On the contrary, we're only a mere bunch of poor travellers having to count every single penny spent before and during the trip!

Anyway, coaches are all of the same price despite having to provide different standard of seats.

One of Pris and Janet's moments in fist fighting.
We're suppose to solemnize their wedding in Kuantan but it didn't work out since they've been arguing the whole time, even before going to bed.
I guess they've both come to their senses after travelling together. Haha...

That's Su Yin btw.
Basically, our mode of transport is walking.
We'll have to foot it as far as we can under a really hot and sunny weather.
Don't be deceived by the sweater she puts on, it's just to cover herself from getting sun burn.
Thankfully, everything's within a walking distance.

Did I mention that we're also a bunch of vain people??

Well, at least I'm the least vain person there.

We had pleasantly good tandoori and garlic naan there, right before Pris stucked the naan to J's face. Kidding. Just for show.

Su Yin, the winner for Miss Shopaholic!

I LOVE Sushi!!!

I think I'll have to make a birthday wish list and write "Sushi Treats" as one of them!
I just can't get enough of Japanese food!!
There's something about Sushi that puts a :-) on my face.

"No Durian Allowed" has ignited anger and stirred stress in Janet's soul. I used to develop a taste for Durian but stopped since 2 years ago. I suspect it's due to the fever I suffered after eating them and that was a bad experience on which I am not gonna go through it while I'm studying here.
I'm sorry Janet, I can't be your Durian Kaki anymore.

'The Bom".... we had an inside joke on why we named one of us "the Bom".
Nitrogen Sulphate = The BOM.

That's all from the Jalan-Jalan Cari Baju in Kuantan.
Oh and not forgetting, we managed to squeeze in 2 movies in our agenda.
What's Your Number and Real Steel.
Real Steel's a great movie and I highly recommend you readers to watch it.
What's Your Number is more like teen flick plus romance plus comedy. Pretty fun to watch but not worth paying for in a cinema.

Miss V

Friday, October 7, 2011

I’m currently under a great amount of stress. I can’t stop frowning because a cockroach is practically living under my bed! I don’t have a clue on how to get rid of it and so I blogged it here. Don’t laugh. It’s not funny. I’ve tried Febreze and pulling the drawers out but it's still there, HIDING! and I know it because I can smell the stinky odour it releases! Seriously I need a pest terminator!!!! I’m feeling helpless… :-(

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marie Digby

I have to say this out loud, "I really love music i really do!!!"

Here's a Cover of a song written by Marie Digby a talented artist and musician whom i adore.
It's not perfect, but this is a tribute to her for all the beautiful songs she has written.
May your work on music continues to shine and inspire all faces of the earth. :-)

See now you know why i play the guitar??
I'll play the piano too if i have one at home. :-P

Miss V supports Marie Digby!!! Woo hoo!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Asia Cup 2011 in Tokyo,Japan

Started with about 6 weeks of hard work, living in an uncomfortable space, a teammate getting all hysterical by supernatural (gosh that was scary especially when i was living alone in the first week of stay), showering and drowning black millipedes, smacking and killing countless amounts of cockroaches with a broom stick like almost everyday, walking to and fro to the moot court for training with my bag slowly ripping apart, BUT YET.....and YET.... wait for was all LEGENDARY!

Forget the complaints that I've ranted earlier. Let's move on to the most beautiful and precious memory I can never have in the future as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

21st August 2011 is the most historical day of my life.

JAPAN. Yes Japan. Miss V was there for 6 sweet days and she was there not only for jalan-jalan but also for her Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku, Malaysia! Woo hoo... Im sure the Prime Minister couldn't care less on what she did for Malaysia. Lol....

Neway, yeah, UniSZA (my universiti tercinta yang tak kenal siapa saya) was selected to represent Malaysia for the International Law Moot Court Competition "Asia Cup 2011" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan after winning the National round.
Cool heh?? hehe....

Here are some of the photos during my trip to Japan. :-)

For the first time in the Mooting history of UniSZA, we manage to grasp the 2nd Best Memorial Award, and as for the ranking, Malaysian team manage to jump 3 spots up from last year despite the absence of professional training and guidance.
I sincerely hope and pray AND beg UniSZA to provide a Professional Coach for the future Mooting of UniSZA. Results could have been better, at least I don't feel stupid when submitting because I must admit that, my knowledge in Public International Law is still lacking. :-(

But anyhow, we did our best and the experience and new friends we met was overall.......wait for it............wait for it...............................

Getting ready for submission..... HAIK!! Gambateh!!

Here's for UniSZA and Malaysia.

I do hope that I don't have to wear this boring outfit for the rest of my life. ;-)

Here's to Yota the most handsome Japanese guy i've met so far.... LOL.

Ok fine if you don't think so... :-p ....
One man's meat is another man's poison :-P

Miss V hopes for more support.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"I'm not SUPERWOMAN................ I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything's ok..... boy I am only human......duuuu duuu du du duuuuuu"

You bet that’s right! I’m only human and scurrying between two imperative assignments sucks O2 out of me. Coffee, mamee, and bread shouts “welcome back to uni life vivien”. I’ve never had assignments this extreme before in which it requires me to submit answers daily before 11.59pm and in between I have to squeeze an additional assignment which is due on 15th … oh wait minus one day for postage and another just in case and that leaves me to 13th. Well at least I can breathe now after extending my former deadline to 2.30am… lol…

Miss V

-trying to catch a breath-

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today I realised the true ideology of 1Malaysia and that it’s not as stamped by the PM, not about the logos or songs but it’s about how we feel as Malaysian towards our own beloved country call Malaysia. I congratulate those who have walked today to demand their right as citizens of Malaysia for clean and fair elections, and to BERSIH and Ambiga. I personally salute you Ambiga! It took just one Woman to shake the nation to come to their senses as to what atrocities the current government is doing. With all their gangster-like threats, it did not stop Ambiga, Anwar and the rest to come out in full force.

It's cool to watch on the media that Malaysians of all races were united for one cause. This is the true 1Malaysia spirit that I adore and am proud to be a Malaysian!!!

WHY BERSIH??? by Patrick Teoh-thoughts on
1. Cos the govt has not LISTENED to the people.
2. Cos dead men still vote.
3. Cos I want the ideals Tunku, Razak, Ismail stood for.
4. Cos I want to know how FLOM can afford all those $$$$$$ handbags.
5. Cos I want to love my fellow Malaysians. Not be scared of them.
6. Cos I want to know my voice counts for something in my country.
7. Cos BN n Opposition spend too much time politicking.
8. Cos my little girl asked why we spent millions on a palace when her school don't have a canteen.
9. Cos this is MY country too.
10. and I LOVE my country.
11. Cos I do not wish my children to have to emigrate.
12. Cos NEP still keeps Malay minority rich and Malay majority poor.
13. Cos we pay money for electricty that we don't use.
14. Cos govt subsidises ppl who earn millions.
15. Cos rakyat tighten belts while PM spends millions just keeping house.
16. Cos police can still raid without warrants.
17. Cos LRT systems don't link.
18. Cos Submarine deals pay RM500million commissions.
19. Cos all BN family can be such successful entrepreneurs.
20. Cos submarines don't submerge.
21. Cos Jet engines can be stolen by lowly servicemen.
22. Freedom of assembly is enshrined in the Constitution.
23. Cos Dentists can afford RM6million homes.
24. Cos Govt YBs live way beyond their means.
25. Cos we want to be clean. It's more hygienic.

Miss V

-thoughts on Malaysia-

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roti Tisu

The thought of blogging Roti Tisu / Roti Paper came in mind after seeing happy faces of kids and adults when they have this on their table.

Food that brings happiness and binds family members together with a genuine smile,

Roti Tisu!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Pride and Joy

During a wedding night.....

I have to say this is my proudest moment so far in the music industry.
Wow I made it sound like I'm an artist or something but no, I'm just a performer.
So remember if you need a chill-out and lay back music just nice for a Wedding, Birthday Party, Anniversary, or whatever the occasion may be,
please e-mail me at

We play with two acoustic guitars and a vocalist. So don't expect a loud music with drum, electric guitar and so on.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Coolest job ever is by being a Performer.

RM500 for half an hour.
Rm10 for every minute.

+ you get to have fun
+ play the music you love
+ get paid for something you enjoy
who can top that?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Dear Guest who asked me how's my LI (Industrial Training).... Well my answer would be, I can't talk about it here. :-)

However, the least I can share is that dreadful moment I have to withstand every morning, just to open my eyes and leave bed for work. I mean come on; my colleagues too have the same problem. If you have to struggle or even have the slightest dreadful moment in dragging yourself up in the morning, then don't worry nothing is wrong with you, in fact something is definitely wrong with the timing system for work! Hence, we must seriously do something about it.... TOGETHER! We can start by submitting a petition to our bosses to consider, oh wait, to force him/her to change the working hours to 10am till 7pm.

We must make a difference and the difference shall start here! Lol.... OH WAIT!!! if 7 pm sounds absurd too then 5pm!! Don't say it's crazy.... because I'm sure there's a dilly dally or Tai-Chi movement going around to finish your workload. What more with the additional addictive gossip site call = FACEBOOK!

So Bosses, please do consider our petition. Shorten the working hours is really wise to avoid unprofitable workforce as mentioned earlier, plus you get to save in electricity bills, make your employees happy and healthy, which eventually benefits the company by having more hardworking staffs (since they're happy and energetic) and most importantly losses of company would be reduced!

Miss V
-lazy thoughts-

Saturday, May 21, 2011

OMG you're still alive! If you can read this and tell me I'm alive too that means we're both still alive!!! I know it's lame. lol... Well I'm just saying this to mock certain somebody who made a claim that the world's ending on 21st May 2011. Prior to that, way back 1994, he said that the world's gonna end on Sept 6. Interestingly enough, it reminds me of a parable in which a shepherd will prank the villagers by crying out for help when a so called wolf is attacking his sheeps. He did it out of boredom. Perhaps Harold Camping's bored too. Let's not be to harsh on him and give him a third chance on 21st October shall we? Imagine what will happen after the third prank? Will the world then end?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Birth dates, anniversary dates, valentine, etc are all very important dates for women in general. I shall speak only with what I’ve witness and observe in life and with that I sum it up with 'Men always forget how important these dates are for women'. and for that they just love to justify it with “men will be men” quoted by a man himself. By saying that means weeeeeee!!! You have a passport to fly your way out of trouble?? Think again dude, I bet you’ll be mortified for the rest of your life and you know it. Lol imagine what if women forget to feed ur babies, clean the house, cook for you then can they say "women will always be women" ??

Women just love to be indulged in the idea of being treated exceptionally different on this vital DATE. Then why on earth and what in the name of Bootsie won’t you take this opportunity to make her happy? What is so gravely wrong with showering love and affection to the woman you love? I can guarantee you that in return you’ll also have a happy time and you’ll definitely have a peace in life.

It’s easy to make a woman happy and it’s also easy to make a woman MAD.

We are not a complicating gender; I can assure you that you’ll be out of this complicating zone if you’re not too fatigue to learn about our needs. Note this; you can’t multitask so take one step at a time to learn about us. So tip #1; never forget the vital dates!

I’ve witnessed how angry a woman got, when her husband had forgotten her birthday, and mind you this occurred even after 20 years of living together! (and no, it's not my parents) I shall not pour the details but I can assure you that it’s ugly.

If you know of a method that will make her happy then why aren’t you doing it? Something must be wrong with you or are you just a complicating creature yourself. To her it only means that you don’t love her, or that you don’t care about her feelings which eventually means you don't love her, love’s fading, gone? Or she’s not worth being pampered which also means you don’t love her.

Gentlemen, that is exactly what she sees. Blame yourself for letting her think that way. If not, it could only mean one thing and that is You Don't Love Her!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been home but haven't got a chance to enjoy Klang. By enjoying I mean shopping and have a really good look on displayed items. lol. That's because ive been sick ever since i got here.. i hope it's not trengganu's home sick... lalalalala....

bootsie's fat... really fat. he needs exercise and so do i... wait till i get better.
oh can;t wait for guitar practice tomoro! yippie!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

J'ai besoin d'une robe pour le mariage de mon cousin!!! Ce qui est le plus mauvais est je ne sais pas quelle sorte de la robe m'user. :-(

You know, I’ve always been extremely passionate in becoming a skillful French speaker. Predominantly, inspired with movies and I will under no circumstances fall short to be fascinated and moved when someone speaks a Romance language. I’ll go like oh-my-gawd I love how it sounds and gosh J'aime le Fran├žais!!!!

I have this really longing wish to master the French's language and it must be achieved before I die and in exceptional case where my grandkids can’t afford a French tutor then a Spanish tutor will do. Be careful there, this is my will and you kids shall make it happen or else granny Wei Li will haunt you….. oooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu…….-chilly-

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Often wonder why some people have enough time in the world that they can hand in assignment in time, handle few companies at one go, being active in co-curricular and still excel in academic? How do these people find time to complete everything on time? What more if they're married and have responsibilities as spouse, child or parent? How do they manage to juggle all these tasks at one shot?

I think the idea is to have a picture or a target in life and in order to reach that picture you got to work everything around you.

Lets take a jigsaw puzzle for an example, if I were to give you 1001 pieces of jigsaw puzzle without showing you the end picture of the puzzle, would you have complete the puzzle? Of course you would but it'll take a longer time to complete it as compare to if you already have the picture right in front of you. I guess the same applies in life. If you have a picture in life then God-willing you will complete all the task you have without difficulty and probably on time. That is if you want to complete it.

The problem with me is, I have a picture in life but it's jz too impossible to achieve. Call me low self confidence and determination, for all I care, but hey at least I'm being realistic.

This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong,
Windows and rooms, that i'm passing through,
This is just a stop on a way where I'm going,
I'm not afraid because I know,
This is my temporary home.

I have big dreams, dreams that I want to achieve before I die,
How shall I list them and wish for my children to ever fulfill them for me?
Children? Wait a minute, they're not even in my plan.
I'm gonna aim big, gonna aim for a scholarship to pursue my Master maybe in Holland? haha dream on Miss V and I know that it'll take me a long time for me before I start working in the real field, by then my dad is old and sick :-(... but I love to work first too maybe as a diplomatic officer since it sounds like my kinda job.

I know what I want, but I can't get what I want. :-(
Kinda sad but it's okay at least I'm stumbling upon opportunities in life which I never imagine I would have if I'm not here. Thank God for some of the wonderful people I'm with, that He gave me an opportunity to make money with my guitar. :-) Who knew someone would hire a lousy guitarist like me. LOL.

God does work in many ways. Imagine if I were in other place, there wouldn't be opportunities like this. I'm not saying performing is one of my dream,in fact it's never my dream and I always think it's impossible, who knew, well it's a fun thing to do as a side income during my uni life. :-) I mean, how many students does performing as a side income? hehe.. this would be LEGENDARY!

Ok enough bragging already Miss V. time to sleep, big day tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm beginning to feel changes in my emotions, I no longer am the cheerful joyful girl I used to know back then. I feel disconsolate, distressed, sorrowful and miserable. What have I become? Used to be a girl now a woman? Perhaps it's caused by the biological changes in my body that I feel so depressed and sick. Since when do i feel so depressed, if i'm given a choice I would love to forget about all the responsibilities I have here and just run away to recruit myself as a spy agent. With that I can be an alias, change identities, wear awesome outfits, use cool weapons and shoot at people without having the status of a civilian, most importantly I can switch off my emotions.
The fact is, spy life is a much tougher life, they too have never ending missions until they die.

So what have I become?

MQA please have mercy on me tomorrow and don't screw me up in the interview, presentation and moot.
We need the accreditation.
Lord, please help us.

Friday, April 1, 2011


This blog is dedicated to my Parents and Family members.
I smell ka-ching!! $$$


Yesterday was an amazing day for me as I won the Best Student Award, Dean's List Award and Lucky Draw!!! How "ONG" (lucky) is that!
Okay, i'm just being humble here as there's no such thing as luck, I obviously earned it with my own hard sweat and blood and not forgetting to God be the glory for great things comes from Him and I couldn't have done it without His miraculous help!!!

Speaking of which my health is really going haywire and i need to do m
edical check-up. :-(

anyway here are the evidences of my winning.

1. Dean's List Award
2. Best Student (Faculty)

3. Trophy for Best Student (Faculty) Award

4. Book for Best Student (Faculty) Award

5. Hamper for Best Student (Faculty) Award.

6. Lucky Draw - that small paper bag beside the hamper is the prize, ha
haha what are the odds!

Ok this guy won the Best Ko-Kurikulum Award.

So Mei Yin / Suan Ko if you have time on Sunday, please show this to my parents!! thanx!!

Miss V
-Boasting time!!!- hehe

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

something's strange in the neighbourhood

I'm freaking out every minute she packs to go home....
I'm gonna be all alone in this haunted building!!!
Help me please...........!!

please refer to whotookmycrown for more details.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Candice Acolla - Eternal Flame



What is the sense of a day, when one is lonely and drear,
Even a building shall fall feebly, exclusive of its pillar,
A memoir of a dog fits as illusory from afar,
So creeps condolences in the solitary heart of an outsider,
leaving it to suffocate with less oxygen amongst the known stranger,
"That is alright" said the mind to the outsider
We will en route once again for a solid building together and forever.

Miss V

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Buying" students to influence parents

"Buying" students to influence parents

With regards to the article by MalaysiaToday, I wished I was among the students being fed with food and money. Wow, it's amazing how they're cultivating politics in students and I wonder whether our History textbooks were instilled towards achieving their political agenda. There's not too much to wonder now actually since I'm of full age already, mature enough to discern what is wrong and right with the entire social conventions that's going on in my own perspective. I do not need sharpening lessons to be conform to the wills of others.

What is BTN for actually? Why do I have to go the second time around?? Isn't once sufficient enough? I ain't wanna skip ALSA conference in UKM just for this camp! Who are they to infringe my right of movement and if they're gonna cut my degree just for the sake of not attending BTN camp which serves no purpose in my life, not even for the first time, I ain't wanna go for the second time around. All that I can remember from the previous camp were to be gracious to the government, horrible food, and the suicidal jungle tracking mission! I will definitely not be gracious to the government if that's what they're trying to make me believe. If you want to gain confidence from my peers then please show it with your actions by granting us accreditation and recognition from the Legal Profession and Qualifying Board (LPQB). If that is done then you'll have at least my vote because that is our major concern now.

Miss V
in dilemma

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pulau Kapas (cotton Island)

Are you curious?? Wanna know what that is?
Then stay tune until the end of this post!

Snorkeling in Pulau Kapas was amazing!
Feeling the soft and white sand along the beaches and looking at turquoise sea water was such an awesome experience!

We started our journey at 10.30am towards Pulau Kapas Jetty or rather Marang Jetty as it's commonly known among the locals. However, base on my observation, I think it's better to address the Jetty with the former name as I don't want to confuse you with the visible "Jeti Pulau Kapas" signboard, just in case you're planning to go.

The road journey took us about 40 minutes to arrive at the Pulau Kapas Jetty and then we quickly bought tickets after applying sun block on ourselves.
Boat transfer + Snorkeling = RM 50.
Actual price would be RM30 for boat tranfer and RM25 for snorkeling. If there's more than 10 of us then we'll get a better deal. Unfortunately there were only two of us. But it's okay we still manage to pull of RM5 discount!

Snorkeling gear and life jacket's provided and both were in good condition, still new and clean.
Looking into the beautiful creation of God while snorkeling was undescribably beautiful!
Colourful fishes swimming around you and in between the admirable corals were all so fascinating. At that point, I wish I could share my thoughts but I was obviously restrained by the snorkeling gears.
One of the guides even caught a clown fish or it's commercial name, Nemo, and put it on his goggles for us to see. It was awesome seeing Nemo so closely. I even spotted Dori the blue fish! hehe.... So many kinds of fishes, ones with zebra stripes, yellow, half yellow half white, chequered black and white, blue, colorful blue and red and green??, red, wah so many la! soooooo the cantik la that I wanna come again!! Too bad I don't have underwater camera!
Corals were mostly brown but there were a bit blue and purplish. It's still moonsoon said the guide and the colours would be more noticeable during the month of April, May and June....
aNyhooo i still enjoyed it!!
Fed fishes with bread it was soooooo fun to feed the fishes so closely! but they were kinda shy to eat from my hand.

There were three species of Sea Cucumber found, and we call it Gamat in Malay.

Sooooo gelilar!!! and it was moving!!!eeeeeewwww

Total trip cost RM74.50.