Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr President, Your Excellencies,
My name is Vivien Quay(pronounce it as Kee muahahahaha)
It is an honour to appear before this Tribunal together with my co-agent, Miss Aini Salleh,
Pleading on behalf of the defence!

I can't seem to get this out of my head!

That's my line for my recent International Humanitarian Law Mooting Competition in a Special International Tribunal Court.

I felt like human again after 12th December as I don't have to think of proving
Colonel Ramsey Potter innocent of all the charges post against him.
Mind you, his charges are real heavy and it concerns civilians population and objects!
My co-agent and I are suppose to justify his massive killings in court.
How to justify?
That's why we've been having sleepless of nights since our finals.
Usually students will go wild and celebrate freedom after finals but that's not the case when it comes to us.
Unfortunately, we have to stay back to work on our case!

Facing monsoon season is another challenge as well. Water level reached as high as my knee length, and it's really a nauseous sight having to walk through contaminated water probably there's feces in it, everyday to attend our intensive training till midnight!
Sometimes I wish that person will help me instead of dumping me after signing up as my assistance. Sometimes I wonder how can people be so inconsiderate. Nvm, forget the unhappy moments.

These are the hottest mooters alive and yes that includes moi!

Moi co-agent and I!
Good job co-agent, you've made me proud!

A potential flight attendant on board.

Walking towards the Faculty of Law in UM,
it's so beautiful and such a pity I don't have a picture of it.

That's me on action, presenting my case to the Judges.
Judges are so handsome!!!

That's my co-agent on action.

My leg hurts after one session, that explains why i took off my shoe.

It's such a good experience and exposure meeting real life Judges and Lawyers who worked for Human rights.
I've never knew International Humanitarian Law can be so interesting and I feel like pursuing Masters on that subject, but.......zzzz that means delaying in earning my own money in the real world..... zzzz.....


  1. nice pics! Guess it's all part and parcel of the life choosen. As for the 'foul' weather; *Sighs..* Lets just hope it dies a swift death soon. :)

  2. sham : terima kasih!!
    songbird : hey u!!!! you have a blog too?!? thanx! yea we all hope too... thanx for ur concern

  3. yes i do! Haha... as 4 my super-late reply? It just goes 2 show hw bz my life's bcum n no, i dun mean d hangging out sessions... work, research n yea u heard me - RESEARCH!