Monday, July 11, 2011

"I'm not SUPERWOMAN................ I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything's ok..... boy I am only human......duuuu duuu du du duuuuuu"

You bet that’s right! I’m only human and scurrying between two imperative assignments sucks O2 out of me. Coffee, mamee, and bread shouts “welcome back to uni life vivien”. I’ve never had assignments this extreme before in which it requires me to submit answers daily before 11.59pm and in between I have to squeeze an additional assignment which is due on 15th … oh wait minus one day for postage and another just in case and that leaves me to 13th. Well at least I can breathe now after extending my former deadline to 2.30am… lol…

Miss V

-trying to catch a breath-

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today I realised the true ideology of 1Malaysia and that it’s not as stamped by the PM, not about the logos or songs but it’s about how we feel as Malaysian towards our own beloved country call Malaysia. I congratulate those who have walked today to demand their right as citizens of Malaysia for clean and fair elections, and to BERSIH and Ambiga. I personally salute you Ambiga! It took just one Woman to shake the nation to come to their senses as to what atrocities the current government is doing. With all their gangster-like threats, it did not stop Ambiga, Anwar and the rest to come out in full force.

It's cool to watch on the media that Malaysians of all races were united for one cause. This is the true 1Malaysia spirit that I adore and am proud to be a Malaysian!!!

WHY BERSIH??? by Patrick Teoh-thoughts on
1. Cos the govt has not LISTENED to the people.
2. Cos dead men still vote.
3. Cos I want the ideals Tunku, Razak, Ismail stood for.
4. Cos I want to know how FLOM can afford all those $$$$$$ handbags.
5. Cos I want to love my fellow Malaysians. Not be scared of them.
6. Cos I want to know my voice counts for something in my country.
7. Cos BN n Opposition spend too much time politicking.
8. Cos my little girl asked why we spent millions on a palace when her school don't have a canteen.
9. Cos this is MY country too.
10. and I LOVE my country.
11. Cos I do not wish my children to have to emigrate.
12. Cos NEP still keeps Malay minority rich and Malay majority poor.
13. Cos we pay money for electricty that we don't use.
14. Cos govt subsidises ppl who earn millions.
15. Cos rakyat tighten belts while PM spends millions just keeping house.
16. Cos police can still raid without warrants.
17. Cos LRT systems don't link.
18. Cos Submarine deals pay RM500million commissions.
19. Cos all BN family can be such successful entrepreneurs.
20. Cos submarines don't submerge.
21. Cos Jet engines can be stolen by lowly servicemen.
22. Freedom of assembly is enshrined in the Constitution.
23. Cos Dentists can afford RM6million homes.
24. Cos Govt YBs live way beyond their means.
25. Cos we want to be clean. It's more hygienic.

Miss V

-thoughts on Malaysia-