Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RM 100

Guys, I have to share with you my worst and most craziest experience,
I ever had in my whole entire life!

It happen last year on Halloween's Day (eh hem *hint hint* moi birthday), (i know it's a bit too late to share but it's still fresh in my head!)

On that day, I dressed up completely looking like a witch and with gothic look on! Oh not forgetting that witch hat i put on.. drop that broom it's fugly, and so before leaving i felt hungry and wanted a quick bite from Mc'Donalds. (yeah me hungry all the time)

and as I was queuing up,
there, right in front of my line,stood, a rich and proud looking lady with her kids all running around. (oh so cute i thought. her kids not her!)

So i was standing behind her, in the line as usual and then,
Out of the bloom, she turned behind, staring at me like I'm a convict and said,
"Give it back to me." and i was like, "What? excuse me?" she continued and said, " I know girls like you! Give me back my purse I know you're having it!"
At that moment people were staring at us, and I felt like a total humiliated person, i replied, " I don't do that kind of thing, I'm not like that!"
"Give me your bag!" she said.

"Fine! have it! (I innocently passed my bag to her, i know right, dumb dumb me)

So as she was searching for her *stewpitt* purse, her son came to her and said, " mummy mummy! here's your purse."
At that moment, she immediately returned my bag and turn behind facing the counter without saying anything to me. Like excuse me, she should apologized for allegedly accusing me and humiliated me publicly rite? I could sue her for defamation and slander and public humiliation! gosh why didn't i press charges! Damn! Laws....

Anyway, yeah i tapped her shoulder and said, " I think you owed me an apology?"
She gave me that *slap me face* look and took out her RM50 notes and handed it out to me.
I said, "This is not what i want, I want you to say sorry!"
She took out another Rm50 note and flashed a total of RM100 to me! (can you imagine?? RM100 flashing on my face?!!)
Oh yeah and there's this guy who screamed, "Ah Moi! Ambik duit saje la!"

I was so furious at that time! Took the money from her hands and then threw it to her *biatch* face! and walked off!

Guys, what will you do if you were in my shoes?

Oh yeah there's a continuation to this story... so as i was walking out.. i tripped down the stairs! My day cannot be any worst than this!

All of the sudden,
I opened my eyes and thought,
Oh goodness gracious me!
It was all a dream!

tricked you? hehe

Miss V

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Girls are very stupid"

I had a kung-fu assault act on me by my Islamic lecturer in class earlier because i was contradicting with him on several matters concerning relationships.

Started with him saying, " Girls are very stupid " (boys laughed as usual)

Mr. Lecturer : I have a client who calls me at 2.30am one day to ask me about legal proceedings to deal with her husband who had abused her at 12.00am.

So he asked his client.

Mr.Lecturer : What time did you argue with him?
Lady : At 11.00pm and then at 12.00am he punched me.
Mr Lecturer : How many kids do you have? (is this even relevant?? )
Lady : 3 kids
Mr.Lecturer : How long were you married?
Lady : 10 years.
Mr.Lecturer : Oh so at what age did you start dating your husband.
Lady : 22 years old and then i got married at the age of 25.
Mr.Lecturer : Why did you marry your husband? What is the reason of you marrying him?
Lady : because at that time he was kind, caring and romantic.

Bases on that 3 criteria s, Mr.Lecturer warned us girls to be careful.
Then I went by saying, " but how to date a guy if he is not kind, caring and romantic? "
Then Mr.Lecturer went moving his hands and legs in some kinda kung-fu position attempting to so call scare me, he almost looked like he was possessed by Jackie Chan or Tripple-H, but he was basically making fun of himself in front of the class. (everyone burst out, i personally couldn't stand at what he has doing to me, i had to turn my face and laughed so hard)

then he continued saying, "guys are very good in acting! To find a real man you need to see whether these 2 criteria is fulfilled or not.''

First, Leadership and Second Relationship with others.
(P asked to elaborate more on that)
He said, in leadership, see whether your future husband is good in handling and making decision as he'll be the head of the family. See whether he can handle the fight situation well or not, emotionally he could handle any pressure well or not.
Second relationship with others, meaning with your siblings, parents, in-laws, and friends. See whether he can have good relationship with them or not. If he doesn't like them, then he's not the right man for you. Ditch him!

So girls.... here are some useful tips before you say " I DO "

Miss V