Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love romantic movies and I cannot and will not grow tired of the clichés story lines. I just love how predictable love can be at the end of the show and knowing it all ends well just made me feel alive again. Romance shows are like food to my soul; it nourishes my heart, and makes me feel human again. I’m feeling all lovey-dovey now after watching Letters to Juliet by Amanda Seyfried.

I can’t get to be free from this refrained soul of mine, locked up very tightly and caged in with all these heavy loads which I can’t seem to find a minute to breathe at all. Watching movies like this is just the therapy I need after chewing on what seems to feel like there’s no end to it, work.

I love the idea of having a life in a village, where I can live in a quiet vintage home, and among the land a vineyard with rows of grapes ready to be harvest, besides that a long stretch of big and bright beautiful sunflowers growing along the roadside, greeting every passersby, leaving them with a big smile on their faces, and not to be left out also an orchard where colourful fruits and healthy vegetables will grow.

What a beautiful place I want to live and die in. Someday Miss V. someday.

Special thanx to shahman for downloading so many wonderful movies for me. For you guys who wants to watch a good quality movie find him!


  1. I watched the movie awhile back, and I felt totally different from you.

  2. Well then, I would believe you're a guy then?
    bcuz all my girlfriends love the movie!! hehe...

  3. lol. i heart matter how predictable.
    i mean c'mon stuck in reality that consists of trggnu and flood. the closest to Disneyland is chic movies.

  4. There's this new movie soon to be released! Beastly! Look's pretty lovey dovey!

  5. anonymous : must i say somemore? girls love romance movies... u guys just don get why we love it haha....
    song bird : thanx for your support!