Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adapting ............... :-)

-sorry for not updating my blog for so long...
i've been busy trying to find time to blog and here i am, there's a black cat on my table now!!
this cafeteria is full of shameless cats-
Today we had a photo shoot session for our class picture.

and this are my beloved crazy housemates...... I love them all.

Su yin the second girl from the right, would hate it when we utter words of love to her,

one, two.... three, " we love you su yin "

Su Yin : Ahhh no nO NO don't! I dont wanna hear!

I call us the F 3 Rockers!
Reason : Block F is where we sleep, laugh, study, gossip, bath and shit!

They're practically like my family now, Just 3 weeks and it feels like we've known each other for so long. So don't worry ya all I'm doing good here besides the poor-boring food.... (Ai Ling your food blog is so good :-(, even my Mom's cooking is better than the foods here)

-will be blogging from the cafeteria from now on-

-Miss V-


  1. YO!
    good u found nice ppl to hang out with. =) take care always ;)

  2. bagus bagus!! u have 3 years and 11 more months :D

  3. san : hehehe yeah... there's this one girl always cheers up the house like you do...

    Ken : apa nya... bosan la this place.. the same path to the cafe.. the same food... the same table... the same blocks..everything the same.. and the people here are not open to new ideas.. always think wanna have fun la family day la.. what non sense like high school standards...

  4. then u go talk to your VC la. ask to renovate every month so u get new blocks, new cafe, new table.

    u wanna come UMS?? last week got sukan MASSA, next week got Liga sukan antara sekolah, my school family day,my course family day, kampung family day, PC fair, Book fair.

    activity all memang mesti ada punya. u join those important one only that can guarantee your tempat tinggal in uni.
    Tips:join uni or kediaman activities only.