Friday, November 12, 2010

Man beating his wife

I could have bought a brand new guitar if it weren't because of my "formal clothes". Blazer's so expensive!! ISH! So angry!

Today I witnessed something horrifying that I swear I will never think of marriage after age 30!!
A man strike his wife repeatedly with his hands and legs at the gas station! AT THE GAS STATION!! IN PUBLIC!! I dare not imagine how is home like for the poor wife.
Clearly through the look on her face, it's not her first time!

Man please, I feel like chopping your hands and legs off! This is outrageous and clearly immoral and uncivilized! what a disgrace!
Keep your hands away from your wife, this is such a coward move, just because you're physically stronger, that doesn't mean you can dominate her by using your fists and legs!
Damn this idiots!

Miss V's pissed!
no xoxo for now.

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