Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Buying" students to influence parents

"Buying" students to influence parents

With regards to the article by MalaysiaToday, I wished I was among the students being fed with food and money. Wow, it's amazing how they're cultivating politics in students and I wonder whether our History textbooks were instilled towards achieving their political agenda. There's not too much to wonder now actually since I'm of full age already, mature enough to discern what is wrong and right with the entire social conventions that's going on in my own perspective. I do not need sharpening lessons to be conform to the wills of others.

What is BTN for actually? Why do I have to go the second time around?? Isn't once sufficient enough? I ain't wanna skip ALSA conference in UKM just for this camp! Who are they to infringe my right of movement and if they're gonna cut my degree just for the sake of not attending BTN camp which serves no purpose in my life, not even for the first time, I ain't wanna go for the second time around. All that I can remember from the previous camp were to be gracious to the government, horrible food, and the suicidal jungle tracking mission! I will definitely not be gracious to the government if that's what they're trying to make me believe. If you want to gain confidence from my peers then please show it with your actions by granting us accreditation and recognition from the Legal Profession and Qualifying Board (LPQB). If that is done then you'll have at least my vote because that is our major concern now.

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