Friday, June 8, 2012


Ever since I was young, Papa and Mama had never failed to provide the fundamental regular needs for our breakfast, which is the bread. 
I remember being neurotic one day when there weren't any one of those on the table for us to eat, 
and I also remember Mama's theory on why brother is tall; it's because he eats the bread every day. 
Try to explain me. lol

Back then when I was younger, the ubiquitous Indian bread man would ride his motorcycle and shrill the air horn 'pon!....pon!....pon!'. 
It was music to any child's ear and with immediate reaction I would alert Mama and quickly haste out from the door and shout "Uncle, Uncle, Sini (here), Sini (here)". :)
He would then turn towards my direction and park where I stood. Mama would usually give me the freedom to choose the kind of bread I want for breakfast or tea-time for the following day. 

Now that I'm living alone, buying bread on my own seems costly.
I've recently discovered a brand new bread that I love but I can't buy it in short intervals any more as it'll burn a hole in my pocket. Ouch. 

-Miss V-
misses eating bread with butter


  1. Hey! The "pon, pon, pon" reminded me of my childhood too! Popo only wanted indian white bread!

  2. White bread is very synonym in your generation. My dad's siblings had them too !