Sunday, July 15, 2012

Artistic side of mine... :)

Been employing my mind, energy and attention over the official and formal program called  'Attachment' (aka internship) which has been made compulsory, and I thank God that everything has been a wonderful and blessed experience to this point in which I can handle within the scope of my knowledge and ability.
It took me two weeks to adjust the momentum of work and I finally found the time to foster the long lost artistic side of mine. 

So here's what I've been doing over the weekend:-

Sadly, I could only showcase this for two days as I had to remove them for work.

Did a cover on 'Sway' by Bic Runga. lol
Handmade this 'Thank You' card. :)
Miss V
- had fun tuning to the artistic side-


  1. Eh! Such a creative piece of work on your nails - such a shame that you can't show them off at work! Too strict!

    Cool song!

    Creative card and great choice of patterned papers!

  2. Love the card <3 :') So so so touched that you spent so much effort and time on it, for me! Really happy :) It's nicely (and carefully) pinned on my soft board for me to admire everyday :) P/S, why cannot wear nail polish to work? :O Haha, actually I also didn't wear though I put it on over the weekend (no need go school ma!) but took it off cause scared of "adult judgement"! Lol.