Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

okay anxious people. Thy will be done. here are the updates..

Occasion : Mothers' Day

Venue : V Garden

the tables were empty thanks to the late comers... yes you. You know who you are. Even if you deny it, your names are written on the chairs and plates except for me, i took the liberty to take the pictures and put your names on them. :-)
booked 2 table in a VIP room, served with 8 courses of meals, a little bit lavish don't you think?? only this time no shark fin soup,
i assumed we suddenly decided to go against the idea of killing sharks? Eunice must be jumping right now.
Elliot was little bit dishearten because it was one of his favorite. Poor boy.

well i too was disappointed that night ( just a little ) because there were no CDs for me to sing that night.
(come on it has been 2 years!! u guys need to improve ur service! provide me with CDssss!!)

Yours truly Miss V, have been rehearsing just to unveil her hidden talent to grab the title of
V Garden Idol !!!

But not to worry, with Miss V's artifice in scheming things to get what she want. She manage to figured out ways to flaunt her vocals at the end of the show by
gathering all her lovely cousins to join cheers with their "Ama" ( grandmother in Hokkien language)

Generally it's accustomed in Chinese's weddings, where they'll cheer "yam seng" at the top of their lungs! Believe me, it felt so good to scream all the hidden and negative force of energy from within.
We should actually get the adults to do it. mmmmm...
They're the one burden with stress at work, spouse, children, maid, and... ermmmm... more!

So here... Miss V and the rest screamed " yammmmmmmmmm

I poked Daryl so that he will not overpower me :-P.

winners will be revealed at the end of the show.... TBA (to be announce)

While voting, let us view the picture below, recognize any familiar faces??

We're back!

At last whose the winner of V Garden Idol you might ask??

non other than
Yours truly Miss V :-p!

It's a Rap.


  1. mmg sah ko kes perasan...hahaha

  2. hahahahahaha.... thanks... i know i know... hehehe ... dinner was normal la boring tak de banyak cerita... i ma reka reka jadi one cerita la.. hehe

  3. eh macam kurang 2 orang lelaki je :P

  4. eh u realise huh... i oso forgot about them... ooopsss... hope they're not reading...

  5. Do you always wear the same thing? :P

  6. wei are u su yin now??
    i only remember telling u that i wear the same clothes all the time... u su yin rite???

  7. i always wear black la not the same thing la