Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fragile heart

I better type this before it gets adulterated with other thoughts and emotions.  

Moments ago, I felt as if, walls were crumbling upon me and nature was laughing at me.
My heart was throbbing so fast, it felt like bursting out of my chest.
I can never imagine how fragile I can be when I'm put in situation like this.
It all happened, when the poor waiter forgot to put in my order. 

At 8pm, my stomach began an orchestra, mainly "Gong Cina" and base drums if you will, and so I decided to get myself bread before I die on my bed. 
To my dismay, the kiosk was close. Disappointed I walked further and bumped into a friend who....okay, to cut the story short, i was out for dinner with a bunch of girls then.

Waiting on what seems to be like forever, the waiter finally brings in a tray of dishes and my friends were all served with the menu they ordered. Except for me. 
They ate happily and I waited miserably. 

Wretchedly unhappy with the circumstances I'm in, ten more words is all that is needed to break me. 
Ten more words tears would just stream. TEN WORDS! 
TEN! *facepalm*

Silly me for feeling this way. I know. I just can't help it. :( 

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  1. Poor you! If only I could supply you with vla then your poor stomach will not be drumming!