Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cried ur heart out, GUYS??

Perhaps I'm naive by ever having this thought in my mind ...
Do guys ever cry their hearts out when they are having a broken heart?

I have seen my girlfriends who pretended like everything was okay when their relationship got to an end but few days later i caught them crying elsewhere. It penetrates an intense anguish deep in the heart of the beholder by just looking at the sight of her who is hurting and broken inside.

How about you guys? I've never seen my boyfriends having that same emotions, or rather crying on their other boyfriends' shoulder? Ah yes.. swollen eyes the next morning? (i guess not) If you guys aren't expressive of your emotions then how do you deal with it? Strike the wall with glass?? Hit the nail with a hammer? Or run a thousand miles to avoid talking about it?

I've hung out with a group of guys before and as far as I'm aware of it, the conversation between them was all about sports mainly football. (glory glory Man United!) I've never hear any one spoken a word about girls, emotions or anything related to relationships. I bet us girls when we sit together we would chat about relationships. (of course not the entire conversation) Good and bad we share them all. Well of course we do disclose on other topics but it's not all about sports right? *I sense a whirl wind of division coming in* The next "Girlism"

Maybe that's why John Gray came out with Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus book.

mmmmm i wonder.

drunk me?? ( someone called me that today)

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  1. hmm, i guess guys are not expressive as girls. They seldom cry out their feelings.