Friday, March 13, 2009


How many of you people who really love your own dogs or any dogs for that matter? If you're a dog lover, you would understand how i feel after watching Marley & Me. Just a few minutes ago i was crying over Marley's death, it scares a whole lot of me thinking that i might have to go through what John(Marley's master) and his family went. I cried not in a small amount of tears but really uncontrollable tears pouring out with mucus running down my nose towards the ending of the show... (i know it's disgusting) put aside that yucky thoughts from your head but really... the thought of Bootsie(my dog) dying one day stirred my emotions up and i don't wanna lose that small-cute-adorable-precious little baby creature who greets and wags his tail in excitement every time i call him. I love Bootsie a lot...and even leaving him for four days at home kills me!

The movie got me thinking that someday people will leave, and in my case, i will leave home soon to further my studies. Hits me right in my heart thinking about the people, home and specifically to my baby Bootsie that i had to leave and that i'll be missing and loosing many things and people whom i truly and dearly love while I'm gone.

For those who are not dog lovers might not get me, but i bet for those people like me, knows that it will hurt us one day to actually tell the doctor to put your dog in a eternal sleep of its lifetime. Some of you might have already experience it.

Sigh.... part and parcel of life..... i hate this part. RIGHT here.

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