Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kudos Klinik KT and Happy Birthday Ashley

Ah yerrrr.........
was my first reaction when the nurse passed me the plastic tube. Never in my life i ever thought i had to go through this. Nurse said, " ambik urine test yea " . I know, i know you guys, I had to take a urine test for my university report. I told Shambavi we had to go through all this and she freaked out immediately. haha. Screw the Klang GH for not having a medical check up facility for university student and referred us to a even screwer small health government clinic which their doctors are only available on July the 7th. I'm flying off this Sunday hellooo?? Screw them all and Kudos to Klinik KT! yay u rock!

Yesterday was Ashley Tan Kah Man's 21st birthday celebration. I never knew Nyonya Kitchen would turn into a clubbing spot! Haha... Anything can happen when Audrey's planning it! I loved her family. Your family rocks all the way Ash. All so sporting. Even your Kong Kong is dancing! cool!

Audrey, Ashley with her double storey cake and Moi!

Ash and Shah
Posers pics. Ken and Lavin

Sham n Shah

sleepy and moodless.

Miss V

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