Sunday, April 18, 2010


Exam's starting tomorrow and I'm blogging in the middle of the night just thinking on how fast things have changed for me.
Oh, for the record, I survived Terengganu for a year already! woo hoo!!
-pat on the shoulder-

Right now smelling the scent of 21 roses in my room....mmmmm... smells so nice..
i wished my boyfriend will be thoughtful enough to send me flowers too... :-( (if i even have one to wish in the first place)
*snap that thought*
lucky roomie! *green eyes*

It's so hot that I am literally melting in the room and that crappy air cooler which I imported all the way from Klang did not help a bit! Argggh!

So boring, I wish to have a brand new acoustic guitar when I get back and I hope
cousieee Eunice will sing on mother's day.

Can't wait for Mother's Day.... Nahum is playing some songs!
Eunice is singing!
Lolz... it'll be fun this time, i bet.
At least for the performers. hehe....

Miss V

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