Thursday, July 8, 2010


I knew in an instance that that will be my package from the sound of the Mr.Postman's motorbike.
(hey this reminds me of the Mr.Postman song by Carpenters!)
Indeed I'm right!

Been waiting for these goodies for about a week already and thank God it arrived a day before i left.
Aren't they pretty??

Here's, a closer look!

this package also comes with a mini-bag, how generous!
Those of you who knows me well, would know how much I'll love this!

and it can do this, so it's easier to carry around.

All those are hand-made cards and bag from my Aunt Lai Yoke, all the way from Netherlands. XXX!! Too Happy 1
(and yes I hope Netherlands will win the world cup although my mind is telling me Spain will win it. )
Anyway, click here and here to view more of her creative works!

It's always exciting to receive gifts!
*hint hint*
So people send me gifts often because you'll totally make my day a happy one! Sunshine
KT address ya not Klang's.
Help me to go through these awful time in KT, no offence to KT's residents I just don't like living in where I am right now. I can smell cat's poop from here. (get what I'm going through?)
Speaking of cat! A cat shocked me today by sneaking into my room while I was away for a shower.
(now see what I am really going through?!)

Miss V, bACK to business and reality...


  1. KT's cats so hamsap 1 ah? :P

  2. What goes up must come down, what goes in must go out! Karma-baby! If you want more gifts, you must give more gifts! *hint hint back* Klang address never KT's! :P

  3. You're not the only who thinks Spain is going to win! Paul had chosen Spain to win it too.