Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here I stand, in the middle of a huge castle,
Where the sovereignty of the Sultan reigns,
with the entrance so well secured by guards who puts on the James Bond's black shades alike on,

I get home schooling system here where I'm obtaining first stage of tertiary education at degree,
Sources, information, and references is only 10 minutes away, convenient, as it appears to be. hmmmm.....

Beautiful cafeteria, instilling garden concept, thoroughly furnished with natural sources around it,
so sedative it makes breakfast possible where it can turn a bitter coffee sweet and sweet noodles yummy.Picnic

On top of that, majestic gymnasium is so majestic where it makes us all majestic in size with it's damaged equipments. Ooops I beg your pardon, was a bit sarcastic on that.

Anyways, where was I....... Oh ya....
Forget about all those so called wonderful things,
This ain't a castle and I'm not a princess here.

It has been 4 days! FOUR DAYS without water supply!!!
Can you imagine a day without water?Grrr
This is against the federal constitution where I feel my right of getting water supplies is being infringed here. many of my rights of movements is being restricted, internally as in inside of my body too! , if you know what i mean.
Even Bootsie, my dog is having fun showering right now!Soaking

Miss V
water deprived


  1. Lolz! Reading the start, I thought you actually went on a vacation instead! ;-P

  2. that's how the title of my post came about... OVerStatement.
    I wish it's real......