Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mixed-Up Psychological Disorder

I'm struggling with a psychological disorder but have not found which classification of psychological disorder I belong to yet.
Finding the list through Wikipedia is slowly driving me nuts! Bugging Out
Realizing the cuckoo-ness coming, I quickly stop before I get to add to another
"Unknown Psychological Disorder" (UPD).

Ok here's the thing with me.
I am confuse........., or more like people are confused. But maybe, I made people confuse.
Or I am a confusing person with a bunch of confused people.
Or they are confusing me leaving me confused but
in the end, I am confused with their confusion! Yeah more like that!
(please correct my grammar if you will, but DOn't get cOnfuse )

When I was living with a Cantonese roommate, I spoke Cantonese so often that I forgot Hokkien completely like totallyx2! I couldn't even order my food in Hokkien and had to order in Cantonese. (what a shame...)
In case you're still wondering the obvious, I'm a Hokkien Chinese BTW.

When I have foreign visitors staying for few weeks, I started speaking like Ang Mo with you-know the accent until my friends were teasing me, " wah why your accent oso change already arr!"

When I'm with my Indian friends, I speak and sound like an Indian so much,
till this guy asked me this,
" Are you a Chindian? " i said, "no. y?". he said, " because you speak like an indian! "
Another account was, " Wei Li !!! I couldn't recognize you at all I almost thought i dialed the wrong number because you sounded soooooo much like an indian on the phone!"

When I order food in Malay stalls, or meet new people and used BM, people would give me second look and ask, " awak cina ke melayu?"
Like so many times already until I could predict the next person's reaction when I speak in BM.

FaintOh Jeez

I'm weird, I'm a chinese but i fail to present myself as a chinese!
I can't speak well, I can't read or write in chinese!!!!
I even doubt if I even look like one.

OMG do i??
OMG no!! i just recalled another incident.
" Awak dari Sabah ke? "
(i shake my head dissenting to it)
" Sarawak? "
(shake my head again.....zzzz)

P.E.N.G.S.A.N. I.



Miss V, faint...zzz

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  1. dude time u just say im a malaysian. easy. :D