Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm very disappointed with the acts of the members of the Parliament. sigh... angry too!
Why did he made that statement, "Ini negara Islam you tak suka you keluar dari Malaysia"
Members of Parliament is entrusted to legislate the laws in Parliament but sadly some of them have not been doing their homework on the Federal Constitution. What a shame to claim that Malaysia is an Islamic State when it is not!

They may use Article 3 of the Federal Constitution as an argument which states that, "Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation. "
Meaning of this article is that Islamic point of views is a complete way of life covering 'ibadah, mua'malah, jinayah, akhlaq and qanun and is limited to certain matters only. According to the Constitution, as the religion of the Federation, Islam does not have legal effects but only ceremonial effects. This enables prayer to be offered in the Islamic way in official occasions for example anniversary of Merdeka Day and installation of Ruler or YDPA.

The ceremonial status of Islam is due to British's occupation where the colonial promoted a secular nature of state which separated administrative activities and law from religion. This has been maintained until today. There is no provision saying that any law which is contrary to Islamic law is void. Thus a law passed by the legislature may contravene the principles of Islamic Law.

Back to History where we can trace the purpose of this Article 3 being enacted.
When the White Paper was drafted , Reid says," the proposition that Islam is the religion of the Federation shall not affect the present position that this federation is a secular state." According to Tunku Abdul Rahman, " I would like to make it clear that this country is not an Islamic state as it is generally understood, we merely provide that Islam shall be the official religion of the federation."

Hudud Law cannot even be implemented in Malaysia, and what in their state of mind can they say that Malaysia is an Islamic State? What a shame!!!! this people has no idea on what they're saying but only knows how to provoke racial riots, how to vote for the government like that? We are not to questioned on the status quo of Malays and Bumiputeras as it's an offence under Sedition Act 1948 as it is deemed as a sensitive issue. What about chinese? Asking the chinese to get out from Malaysia really hurts the chinese. I wonder when will this racist issue end. If only we have more wiser leaders around i think the issue of racism will never be surfaced and Malaysia will be far more advanced than Singapore.
After 53 years of Independence, we still cannot live in peace and harmony.
Sometimes i think they're the one who cannot live in peace and harmony but not my friends and I.

My friends and I can live peacefully and harmoniously under one roof and we really love and care for one another despite having different backgrounds, races and religions. Why can't the members of the Parliament respect one another ?? It's such an embarrassment for our nation when people from other countries were to view the proceedings in the Parliament.

I personally am very disappointed as a chinese in Malaysia. Sometimes i feel like i don't belong here in Malaysia. I get comments like, "Bila you mahu balik China?" (translate as-when are you going back to China?), " You ada rasa kembali ke China tak?" (translate as "do you feel like returning to China?" . My heart hurts when they ask questions like that as I am born here in Malaysia, never have I been to China or ever feel the sense of belonging in China. When China vs Malaysia game is on, I always cheer for the Malaysian team no matter what!
We pay taxes and we worked very hard for the growth of the nation's economy and yet we're treated like no one appreciates us. If all the chinese were to get out of Malaysia, I wonder what will Malaysia be. Or would there even be Malaysia?

Miss V's personal opinion, don't put me in jail pls.

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  1. true that for every word.
    malaysia is NOT an islamic state.
    at least from the constitutional perspective.

    we do live in one roof peacefully :)