Friday, August 20, 2010


I’m now on a quest for a fair skin after realizing that living near the beach can cause skin darkening. Mayday Mayday! Miss V's skin is already tan therefore she needs to find a solution for a fair and glowing skin and VoiLA!... she resorts to a glass of warm milk every night before going to bed. I have this absurd theory that my skin would be fairer , i don’t know why. Is this true? Well if it isn't true at least I'm pumping myself with calcium!

Someone once told me that I can only have two types of skin colour to be beautiful. First very very fair and second, golden tan! I'm neither both so i need to be very very fair!

My oh my i didn’t realise how expensive milk powder is! Of course I’m comparing it to other drinks like Nescafe, Milo, and all the other instant drinks. But it’s ok! I’m willing to spend for a healthier me! Plus it has omega 3-6!! Yahoo good for my brains! Another weird theory....

A RM600 Yamaha acoustic guitar is lying on the floor right now but for limited time only! So Miss-V managed to refreshed herself with couple of songs. Yahoo!!!

Miss V

Loving her housemates everyday....

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  1. So, has it been working for you?