Friday, October 22, 2010

On December 10th-11th, in the year of 2010, I, Miss V, along with my co-counsels will appear at the moot court of the University of Malaya like this!

Oh yeah we're going to dress to impress and persuade the judges and he's never going to believe we're from University of Sultan Zainal Abidin!
It's a new dawn and a new day and a new life for UniSZA!
I'm not very keen on the shoes as it brings the old fashion sight in me!
Despite the excitement to look professional, I hate this competition as its preparation is taking a lot of my luxuries precious time in the weekends.
No more Mydin, no more China Town, no more shopping for my biscuits!

The following details are meant for my brother as he does not believe the prescribed details with regards to the dress code for the competition. This is not like debate la wei kwang! :-P. So just ignore if you're not my brother.


1. BLACK Blazer
2. BLACK High Heels [fully covered, NO open toe]
3. White Shirt [Blouse] & Black Pants [Slacks] - MUSLIMS
4. BLACK Skirts [not to short, must at least cover your knees'] - NON-MUSLIMS
5. BLACK Tudung [NO white Tudung]


No. 1: Only BLACK BLAZER is allowed, no other colour is permitted, even the DARK one.

No. 2: In court, you cannot wear shoes that not properly covered your feet (OPEN TOE HEELS). Please wear FULLY COVERED BLACK HIGH HEELS

No. 3: In MOOT COMPETITIONS, Mooters DO NOT wear BAJU KURUNG in oral submission. They are wearing WHITE SHIRT & BLACK PANTS [Muslims] OR Black Skirts [Non-Muslims]

No. 4: In MOOT COMPETITIONS, Mooters will usually wear WHITE TUDUNG and BLACK TUDUNG. Both are acceptable,but for IHL 2010, Please wear BLACK TUDUNG instead.

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