Sunday, October 24, 2010

Returning back to my hostel room feels light today as a huge amount of burden has finally been taken away from a concise and puny brain of mine. Although my leg hurts as the court shoes were killing me the whole entire time but it was a pain which I find no reason to complain about.

Wearing the black and white formal outfit with blazer feels cool and professional, what more putting on the black robe which brings the lawyer spirit out from within.

Oh did I mention? My final for Moot subject is finally over?

Yeah, it’s over! Finally I can stop reading on all those crazy and crappy stack of thick-big-fat documents with small tiny fonts in it which all cost almost a hundred ringgit! There goes my luxuries and scrumptious meal to reward myself with after being stressful for weeks. Pimples popping out. :-(

Miss V
-it's crazy to even think of becoming a lawyer-

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