Saturday, December 18, 2010

save the planet.

When I was still an adolescent, laundry didn’t occur in my mind at all because my mom will do all the laundry for me. In fact my school uniforms are always ironed and all I have to do is just pick the nicely ironed uniform and put it on. Upon returning, I will chuck it in the washing machine and it’s the same cycle for the following days.

Ok yes, because I don’t know how tiring it is to do laundry, I did the same to all the other clothes I wear, the same principle applies.

I always wonder why my parents would scold me of dumping my clothes in the washing machine after one wear, I mean… isn’t it suppose to be more hygienic? Shouldn’t I get praise for being a clean girl? Putting the dirty ones to clean and wear the new fresh clothes, no? Anyway, I ignored their nagging as usual.

It took me 20 years to catch that all I’ve been doing was causing mom a lot of work! Living independently from home made me realise that, hey, you can wear the same shirt over again just as long as you have a proper ventilator for the clothes you hang. Provided you don’t sweat of course!

Lucky me, I don’t sweat much as my lectures are all air-conditioned, so it saved me a lot of time from doing the laundry due to wearing the same shirt in the alternate days, and of course I will stick to the rule of not wearing the same shirt more than twice. Well, in cases when I have amnesia, it will be three times. The rule is inapplicable when I find the shirt stinks.

In a way it's call saving the planet!! Don't ask me how but I'm sure you can connect it to the Earth Hour campaign.

I’m at home now, mom’s happy and I’m happier as she doesn’t nag anymore!


  1. With the time you have now, maybe you can do mine! :-P

  2. You're one lucky girl that all are being done for you! As for me, I'm in the complete opposite, I must iron, wash, clean, etc for everyone!

  3. anonymous: yea right... over my dead body...
    walchowDesign : wow... that's a lot of work! i wonder my mom does them when she was younger?