Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gosh the thought that i was just sexually harassed still agitates me. I'm not so bothered about the words he said to me but felt more compassion on his wife. Despite the fact that I've reminded him of his wife in his life, he doesn't seem to care and said husbands are not meant to be owned but share! WT....ttttttttuuuuttttt!!! Someone got to teach him something about his religion! Just because 4 wives are allowed you guys go flirting around behind your wife?!?? and claimed it's according to Sunnah Nabi for following Nabi Muhammad who also has many wives? Gosh why not you ride a camel like Nabi Muhammad, marry widows and older women like Nabi Muhammad, pray 5 times a day like Nabi Muhammad, sew clothes and repair shoes like him??? hmmmm what else does he do in life... hmmm.... let see...

This kind of people just smeared and tarnish the religion! Instead of it being viewed as a holy religion you guys made me think it's a sex religion now! Another thing you said that 70 virgins will be waiting for you in heaven ??!?! OMG ! what does your religion teach you? To fulfil your sexual lust and desires?

I bet you wont even reach to heaven to meet the virgins in the first place.

Poor Mrs.****** sigh.... I wonder why you got married to him ?? He's so ugly, fat and unfaithful to you.

Guys. I really don't trust you! So many of you are like that.

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