Sunday, January 9, 2011

OK already.. I didn't know i have persistent fans wanting to actually read my page, thank you guys I feel so flattered, and I would appreciate it more if you would introduce yourself instead of being in the state of anonymous you know.... hehe.

Alright, back to my uni life which started off with a wet and gloomy weather. I was like what? Come on, KT's not over with the monsoon season?
Rain was pouring down with what feels like forever, it's as though they're crying out for something in days which consequently created flood, rising up to my knee. Finally today, I'm feeling the heat from the sun after not seeing it for days! It feels living in a vampire's area.

OK too much twilight actually affects me. I actually went emotionless like Bella, with her dying emotions and dun-care speeches. I went speaking like the British after watching 6 series of Harry Potter. and aihhhh aiiihhh captain after watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes yes, class have not started yet it's so boring i could die indulging in all these movies.
Thankfully today's my first class and I'm so excited about it especially after receiving a present for excelling in constitutional law test 1. lol. Got the present and tore the wrapping paper immediately!

In half an hour time, please pray for my safety as I'm going to baby sit Janet in her first attempt driving on the roads of KT.

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