Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Who needs a guy when you can have girls!! 4 to be exact!

I had the most delightful Valentine's Day ever with Su Yin, Sham, Pris and Janet! Awesome night to celebrate love together by expressing our love towards one another, ok I'm obviously kidding as there's no way I could have fantasies of love with these ladies!
No way! I'm straight alright.

Anyway, we decided to give Bora-Bora a shot as everyone's been talking about it. This place is perfect for leisure as it gives me a sense of serene and tranquility with dimmed lights, suitable for not so fancy romantic dinner! I somehow like quiet restaurants.

Later, we went to Secret Recipe as it's only formal to celebrate an occasion of love with cakes. I wonder where that came from.

and then finally home for our slumber party!!
We had "wine" which is a sparkling juice, painted, well only my nails, (red,green,blue,orange and brown) took photos with captions on ourselves hoping for prince charming to come and sweep us off our feet....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,
Hope you had a nice one....

-Miss V-


  1. SlumberParty-To-Do-List ; Make out with a girlfriend.

  2. Looks like you girls are having lots of fun without boys! Yeah!! Love how all of you show your "hunger" with holding the boards! Hope whoever they are will be able to get the message - good luck!!

  3. You'll see it later in Big Bang Theory! ;-)