Friday, May 13, 2011

Birth dates, anniversary dates, valentine, etc are all very important dates for women in general. I shall speak only with what I’ve witness and observe in life and with that I sum it up with 'Men always forget how important these dates are for women'. and for that they just love to justify it with “men will be men” quoted by a man himself. By saying that means weeeeeee!!! You have a passport to fly your way out of trouble?? Think again dude, I bet you’ll be mortified for the rest of your life and you know it. Lol imagine what if women forget to feed ur babies, clean the house, cook for you then can they say "women will always be women" ??

Women just love to be indulged in the idea of being treated exceptionally different on this vital DATE. Then why on earth and what in the name of Bootsie won’t you take this opportunity to make her happy? What is so gravely wrong with showering love and affection to the woman you love? I can guarantee you that in return you’ll also have a happy time and you’ll definitely have a peace in life.

It’s easy to make a woman happy and it’s also easy to make a woman MAD.

We are not a complicating gender; I can assure you that you’ll be out of this complicating zone if you’re not too fatigue to learn about our needs. Note this; you can’t multitask so take one step at a time to learn about us. So tip #1; never forget the vital dates!

I’ve witnessed how angry a woman got, when her husband had forgotten her birthday, and mind you this occurred even after 20 years of living together! (and no, it's not my parents) I shall not pour the details but I can assure you that it’s ugly.

If you know of a method that will make her happy then why aren’t you doing it? Something must be wrong with you or are you just a complicating creature yourself. To her it only means that you don’t love her, or that you don’t care about her feelings which eventually means you don't love her, love’s fading, gone? Or she’s not worth being pampered which also means you don’t love her.

Gentlemen, that is exactly what she sees. Blame yourself for letting her think that way. If not, it could only mean one thing and that is You Don't Love Her!

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