Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Dear Guest who asked me how's my LI (Industrial Training).... Well my answer would be, I can't talk about it here. :-)

However, the least I can share is that dreadful moment I have to withstand every morning, just to open my eyes and leave bed for work. I mean come on; my colleagues too have the same problem. If you have to struggle or even have the slightest dreadful moment in dragging yourself up in the morning, then don't worry nothing is wrong with you, in fact something is definitely wrong with the timing system for work! Hence, we must seriously do something about it.... TOGETHER! We can start by submitting a petition to our bosses to consider, oh wait, to force him/her to change the working hours to 10am till 7pm.

We must make a difference and the difference shall start here! Lol.... OH WAIT!!! if 7 pm sounds absurd too then 5pm!! Don't say it's crazy.... because I'm sure there's a dilly dally or Tai-Chi movement going around to finish your workload. What more with the additional addictive gossip site call = FACEBOOK!

So Bosses, please do consider our petition. Shorten the working hours is really wise to avoid unprofitable workforce as mentioned earlier, plus you get to save in electricity bills, make your employees happy and healthy, which eventually benefits the company by having more hardworking staffs (since they're happy and energetic) and most importantly losses of company would be reduced!

Miss V
-lazy thoughts-

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