Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm feeling a little hyped about starting a new semester this time around. 
It's probably due to the little events that occurred prior to the start of the new semester, in which it gives me a little sense of comfort in being here. 
Little things like chatting with a few people in great detail about life somehow makes me smile. 
I like knowing that a person would place their trust on me and goes into great length in being really honest and open about themselves.
Sometimes I salute these kinds of people for being so brave about things that hurts them the most and sometimes I'm amazed on how easy it is for them to pour and share their feelings out. 
I'm a bit puzzled as I do not have the same courage they possess because I tend to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. 
Talking to them makes me ponder and reflect upon life, and i think i'm doing okay myself. 
no. wait. im not okay. like i said before, talking abt my feelings does not come naturally in me. 
but anyway, life is not permanent, so don't cling on ur problems. :)
that's how i deal with it. i ignore them and switch it off. :)
pretty easy? :)

Miss V
-yearning for peace-

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