Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hottest Model in Malaysia

Welcome to the hottest
Malaysian Dog's Top Model!

* cycle 1 *

*My anjing cam whore giler!!!*
Notice the brand on the shirt he's wearing. (uh huh! He signed a contract with them for 2 years)

"am i cute?? because my owner thinks I'm ugly."

Well to keep up with my so Hot and Sexy body!
Of course i exercise daily without fail to maintain my sensual body!

I don't require a personal trainer, and i definitely
don't need to hit the gym and perform those strenuous activity with all those weird looking metals.

All i need is my DINO!!! and my REDI!

I chew, play, jump and run with them!! My secret of fine lines finally revealed for your benefit! only 10 minutes every session. Do it 3 times a day! Please be disciplined!


  1. ugly lah tu, if compared the that cuteee picture on top of the blog - my

  2. I totally agree!! Bootsie is much more adorable when he was a puppy!!

  3. what de... who are you people! introduce yourself please!

    i know the first anonymous but the second?? how ever you sound like someone i know... someone who've seen bootsie when he was little cute baby... hermmmmm.... mysteriousnya...