Saturday, April 25, 2009

thoughts ..

Took a deep breath and paved through the door while Bootsie engorged over his dinner. I stood at the slightly opened gate appreciating the surroundings and it's transformation. I've notice how ignorant i was towards the changes around my neighborhood. The tree I've once used to climb and carved my initial on it has now left nothing but a surviving hope. I see crows still nesting up there and wonder what happen to the noises of crows who used to give me chills when i was younger because it feels like they're invading my home town. That tree on the right sight, was a hard tree to conquer and is now gone. Thus explains the silence.

I turned my head back to check on Bootsie and am not surprised to know that he has done gobbling over his dinner in less than 5 minutes. I thought the evening weather was rather cooling. I took this chance to walked bootsie out. This time further than where we used to walk. It was the perfect time for Aedes to feed and breed but it doesn't bother me at all.

Along the way, then came this familiar looking 5 year old girl calling out it's name with enthusiasm, " Brootserieeee,.... brootserieee". She ran bear footed towards him like it was her norm to do so and would plant a kiss on Bootsie's head without fail every time i meet her, then she would waved goodbye to him before she runs back home. I've never spoken a word with that girl but only managed to exchanged smiles.

Then we walked further across the streets towards my primary school. I wonder if the nasi lemak ayam masak merah is still luscious. Oh, how i missed the 10 cents keropok lekor so much! I loved my primary life.... it's full of fun, joy and laughter. I don't recall any stressful moments there, except for the part when they gather the tween girls for a you know what talk and returned us with a square complimentary pack that adds on to the embarrassment. What's even worse is that we have to deal with the boys asking all the Wh questions.

That school always reminds me of my long time ago best friend, Syahirah. We lost contact after that. Recently, I found her. Not face to face but i saw her in a magazine. Cleo. Surprise Surprise she appeared as a model for a skin care product. mmmm.... It made me think about my future...should i call the producer and get involve in a risky business or should i wait for my uni entrance and graduate with a honorable degree..... ? mmmmm....

Anyway. It was getting dark and I whistled him to walk back with me.

~xoxo. vq~


  1. what risky business U are going to involve?? anyway, I think a basic degree is an essential no matter what dream you want to achieve....

  2. No calling the hamsap movie producer!!