Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facebook is crazy!!

I can't believe people like my uncle would have them!! That is so scary to add! Especially if your uncle reminds you of Simon Cowell.
Oh crap... i better start behaving myself! err.. Not that I'm misbehaving all the time.. oh no no no... . I'm a good righteous girl. You can count on me. rite.

Lots of things have been going on therefore.....Whoopsss sorry for leaving you my-oh-so-beloved for such a grueling long time... Miss ya! Muax!

I finally bought Cecilia Ahern's A Place Call Here and If You Could See Me Now. (i know i'm outdated. Dont care :-p) Yippie! I got one of the books for RM9 bucks! Thanks to MPH's warehouse sale! Yay! Oh yeah and i even bought a package of training kits for Bootsie my cutie, fattie, and nottie doggie so that he could perform tricks! Lol. Ambitious me.
Well i manage to teach him how to spin!
Basically he already knows how to sit, shake hand, heel, HIGH 5, and 10 seconds of stay
( sniff. got to brush that part).
Hope to burn his fats! He's so fat, short and broad. Here's the proof.

Ah can't wait for 19th June to know where I'll be in the next 13 days or so.

TTFN (rachel taught me this)
~xoxo Miss V~


  1. omg...u bought "if you could see me now"....u have to read giler man...

  2. really?? i read a place call here first... ai ya so how?? which one should i read first?